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Indoor Cycling

Getting the Indoor Cycle Ready to Ride (Adjustments)

Learn how to set up your indoor cycling equipment to get the very most out of your workouts! This step-by-step guide will have you ready to rock.

Published: 11/22/21

Getting the Indoor Cycle Ready to Ride (Adjustments)

Before you can start your spin class, you must make a few indoor cycle adjustments to your stationary bike so you can have a comfortable side. From adjusting your bike seat to your handlebar height, there are several steps you need to consider before you start spinning.

Adjusting Your Bike Seat

Figure 1: Slight Bend
Figure 2: Knee cap over ball of foot

The proper adjustment is achieved when you are sitting on the saddle, strapped in and can observe: 

  • Slight bend in your knee, when your legs are in an extended position (do not lock your knees straight) Figure 1; and 
  • The front of your knee (kneecap) is directly over the ball of your foot Figure 2.  
Figure 3: Adjustment lever for saddle height
Figure 4: Adjustment lever for saddle position

To make indoor cycle adjustments:

  1. Adjust the saddle height, Figure 3. Stand next to your spin bike. Lift the adjustment lever (located at the base of the seat post)up, slide the saddle up or down with the other hand. As an approximation, the position of the top of the saddle should be parallel to the top of your hip bone. Push the lever down to lock the saddle into place.
  2. Adjust the saddle position, Figure 4. Pull the adjustment level (located right behind the saddle) away from the saddle. As an approximation slide the saddle where the little triangle arrow is at the number 6 on the rail. Push the level back up towards the bike seat to lock it.  

Let’s Take a Look! 

While sitting on the saddle, pedal slowly, then stop in the positions shown above in Figures 1 and 2.  

  1. Look to see if your knee is slightly bent as in Figure 1. If not hop off the bike and adjust the height, refer to step 1 above. 
  2. Let’s now look at your knee and foot, check to see if your knee is over the ball of your foot as shown in Figure 2. If not hop off the bike and make adjustments, refer to step 2 above.  

Setting Up The Handlebars

Figure 5: Handlebar height adjustment lever
Figure 6: Handlebar closer or further adjustment lever

Handlebar height is optional.  Some folks like the handlebars higher or lower this is up to you!  The handlebars should be placed so you don’t bump your knees, and to maintain a slight bend in the elbow when you are sitting on the bike. To adjust the height, Figure 5, lift the lever (located in front of the bike), and raise or lower the handlebars as needed.  To move them closer or further from you, use the adjustment level on top of the bar, Figure 6, to unlock the handlebars and slide the handlebars closer or further from you.

Enjoy—You Are Ready To Ride.

If you are ready to start your indoor cycling journey, Chuze Fitness is here to help. With just a few simple adjustments to your indoor bike, you’ll be good to go to start spinning! If you are still having trouble, talk to your indoor cycling instructor for further assistance.  

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