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How can I cancel my membership?
Cancellation Policy:
  • Chuze Fitness requires a 10 day written notice prior to any monthly or annual billing date to cancel and avoid any future charges.
  • Memberships must be in good standing prior to cancellation.
  • You may cancel by coming in to any Chuze location and signing our cancellation form.
  • Unable to cancel in person? Not a problem! You can send us an email, letter, or fax with a written statement containing your name, reason for cancellation, and your authorized signature.
  • To obtain our email address, mailing address, or fax number, please call your home club or email us at
Cancellation Fee:
  • If you signed up for a 12 month commitment, we still require a full 10 day notice before any billing date in order to cancel and avoid future charges.
  • If you are cancelling within the 12 month commitment, you may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee prior to cancellation.
  • Please review your membership agreement carefully to understand the cancellation policy and $50 cancellation fee.
Buyer’s Remorse Clause:
  • For brand new memberships, you are entitled to a 5 day buyer’s remorse refund if you choose to cancel.
  • If you notify Chuze Fitness of your intent to cancel within 5 business days, you will receive a full refund. Please review your membership agreement carefully to understand the buyer’s remorse clause.
When is my Annual Fee charged?
The Annual Fee occurs 60 days after your enrollment date, and then once per year thereafter. Annual Fee dates differ depending on the date you enrolled. Please review your membership agreement carefully to understand when your Annual Fee occurs. You are more than welcome to contact your Home Club to get more information about the Annual Fee.
Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Memberships are non-transferrable, and cannot be transferred from one person to another.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Because of the nature of our month-to-month memberships, we are only able to freeze or put memberships on hold due to medical or military purposes, as long as documentation is provided.

  • Medical: Temporary medical situation in which the member is unable to utilize the facility for a specified amount of time.
  • Military: Temporary active-duty military transfer or deployment to a location more than 25 miles from a Chuze Fitness location.

If you find that you are unable to use your membership due to a medical or military purpose, please provide documentation to your Home Club.

How do I update my billing or pay my bill?

In order to update your billing information on file or make a payment, you may do so by visiting your local Chuze Fitness, logging into our secure Billing Portal ( or utilizing our mobile app.

Chuze generally communicates with our members about their accounts via email. Please check to see if your email address is current. You can do so by logging into our secure Billing Portal, or by calling/visiting your local Chuze Fitness.

How old do I have to be to workout at Chuze?
  • To become a member, you must be at least 16 years old. We require that a parent or legal guardian be present during enrollment.
  • If you are between the ages of 13-15, you are more than welcome to workout as the guest of a parent or legal guardian. They must accompany you in the facility at all times.
Are my old Rewards points still usable with the new Chuze Rewards program?
Yes, all of your points earned with the Rewards program carried over to your new Chuze Rewards account.


Who or what is Perkville?
Perkville is our technology partner that provides the platform for the rewards program. Perkville is used at more than 2,000 locations worldwide, and has more than 2,000,000 end users.
How does the new Chuze Rewards work?
It’s simple, you earn points for Chuze-related actvities—like coming to the gym, taking classes, buying merchandise or treats, checking in on Facebook, following Chuze on Twitter or tweeting about us. Once you have accumulated points you can begin redeeming rewards. You can redeem 100 points for a bottle of water, or a free hydromasage. You can’t lose with Chuze rewards. Click here for a full list of earning activities and perks.
How do I earn points?
Points are tracked using the email address you have on file with us. You’ll earn points by completing any of the eligible activities on our long list.
How do I redeem points?
Sign in to your Chuze Rewards account, Click “Redeem” and select the perk you want. Show Chuze your voucher on your phone (or print it out) to redeem your reward.
How do I refer a friend and get Chuze Rewards?
From the Chuze Rewards site, click the “Refer a friend link”, and submit your friend’s email as a referral. Then your friend visits Chuze and earns points using the same email address that you used to refer them. You’re automatically rewarded for the refer- ral.
How does social media sharing work?
Log in to and connect your Facebook and/or Twit- ter accounts. Enter what you want to say in the social media box. Click “Post and Earn” to get points.
How do I check in via Facebook?
First, your Facebook account needs to be linked to Perkville to check in. Facebook check-ins don’t happen in real time (but we’re working on that!) Twenty-four hours after you’ve gone to a class or workout at Chuze, visit the Perkville page (via the Chuze Rewards Mobile App or your computer) and you should have an option to check in.
Are my old Rewards points still usable with the new Chuze Rewards program?
Yes, all of your points earned with the Rewards program carried over to your new Chuze Rewards account.