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Indoor Cycling

When I Ride, You Ride, We Ride: A Look Into Indoor Cycling

Never tried an indoor cycling class before? Here’s why we think you might love it and why it’s so different from any other group exercise class you’ll take.

Published: 11/8/21

When I Spin, You Spin, We Spin: A Look Into Indoor Cycling

“What are they doing in that dark room with the loud music?” Many members who’ve never stepped foot in an indoor cycle room feel intimidated to enter. As a cycling instructor for 20 years, I’ve heard it all—from “I’m not fit enough” to “my legs are weak.” Let me personally invite you to join my fellow Chuze instructors and me in one of the most fun, adrenaline-rush, addictive formats. Each cycling class you get an intense, fun workout, helping you reach your fitness goals during each training session. This class is all about the feel. Many instructors turn the lights down, or even off, so members focus on themselves without comparing. All you have left is you—your feelings and your challenges. Come give indoor cycling a try!

What Is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycle or “spin class” has ranked as one of the top trends in cardiovascular exercise for decades. It’s also a great group fitness format to start a fitness journey by allowing members to increase their heart rates without heavily impacting the knees.

Before every indoor cycling class, instructors practice safety-first by demonstrating the spin bike setup to ensuring proper body alignment and mechanics. Adjustments to the seats and handlebars are unique to each rider to encourage a safe and comfortable ride. Let’s ride!

Instructors create the cycle journey by seamlessly combining music that guides the pace with the bike tension to find the ideal intensity for the indoor cycling class. Slow beats are used for hills, faster tempos accompany the sprints and steady, medium tempos challenge the member’s endurance by setting the pace. By shifting the levers on the bike with a turn of the knob, riders can adjust the tension for any fitness level.

At Chuze, members can feel the accomplishment of conquering hills and sprints in a safe environment. If you’re ready to be challenged and reach your fitness goals, our spin exercise classes are an excellent place to start. The bikes are routinely maintained, and cleaned before and after each class. Sign up for a class today and we’ll see you at a gym near you!

Article buKanani, Chuze Fitness Instructor

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