At Chuze, We Stand For People First



We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion within our Chuze Team and in our communities. We are committed to treat everyone with kindness and respect and we will not tolerate racism of any kind.

Our promise to current and future employees is to be a safe space that’s free from discrimination. We also acknowledge that we have blind spots and we are committed to expanding our perspective.

There is always more work to be done. Our hope is to be a blueprint of what the world should be while providing every employee the freedom to be passionate, the freedom to be heard, and the freedom to be proud of who they are.

This is our Chuze Law and our Chuze promise.

We’re advancing Chuze Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by:

  • Listening to our employees from underrepresented communities to understand their experiences within Chuze and their communities
  • Ongoing education focusing on the cultural history of our diverse workforce and the diverse communities we serve
  • Supporting local businesses owned by people from underrepresented communities
  • Making our commitment to DEI known in job postings, social media, and on our website
  • Embedding bias awareness content into our Company Meeting, employee ONE Culture Training, and in our hiring practices
  • Mentorship programs for youths from underrepresented communities that are local to our clubs
  • Honoring special moments of recognition throughout the year with special events, donations, and initiatives to raise awareness