At Chuze, We Stand For People First




We strive for diversity, equity and inclusion within our Chuze families and throughout our communities. We are committed to treat all humans with love, kindness and respect and will NOT stand for racism in any form.

Our promise to our current and future employees is to actively fight towards being a sanctuary that’s free from tokenism, microaggressions, or any other form of racism or discrimination. We acknowledge that we have blind spots and are committed to expanding our vision.

There is always more work to be done, not only within Chuze Fitness but also in our communities. We promise to strive to be the blueprint of what the world should be and will give every employee the freedom to be passionate, the freedom to be heard, and the freedom to be proud of who they are. We choose this not because it is the law but because diversity, equity, and inclusion for ALL is what we stand for.

This is our Chuze Law and our Chuze promise.

We’re advancing Chuze Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by:

  • Listening to our Black employees to truly understand their experiences within Chuze and in their communities
  • Ongoing education focusing on Black history through learning modules derived from internal focus groups
  • Donating to the Equal Justice Initiative
  • Speaking out on our stance within job postings, social media, Chuze People tab on our website
  • Embedding anti-bias content into our Company Meeting, hiring practices, and performance evaluations
  • Partnering with community colleges in underrepresented communities to make fitness more accessible and create new job opportunities
  • Honoring Black History Month with special events, donations, and initiatives to raise awareness