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Whether you’ve been hitting the gym for years or have just now made a promise to become more active, Chuze supports you. Readers can turn to our blog to get helpful wellness tips, healthy recipes, workouts, and more! We know some days it takes a little extra motivation to stay on track, and that’s exactly why we’re here!

What is the Best Workout Schedule?

Weights on leg press machine

New information comes in every day of people getting incredible fitness results by working out one to seven times a week. So, what’s the right workout schedule for you? The answer varies based on your goals, but we have gathered some general guidelines for you to follow on your health journey! […]

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How You Breathe Impacts Your Fitness Progress

Woman working out on bosu ball

Your breathing patterns directly impacts your progress. If you forget to breathe during exercise, you may become injured. In this post we will help you find breathing patterns so that you can avoid injury and reach your goals even faster! […]

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Burpees: The Full-Body Workout

Burpees, the workout we love to hate. We have gathered everything you may want to know about burpees, from who created them, to how you can work up to 100 a day. Now, drop and give me 10. […]

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6 Ways To Stay Healthy At Your Desk Job

Even if you’ve set fitness goals and are totally motivated to make a change this year, getting yourself to the gym after work is more than half the battle. It’s easy to make excuses that you are too tired and worked too hard to get in that post-work gym sesh. However, by making a few […]

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5 Steps To Help You Crush Your New Year’s Goals

Woman running on treadmill

Ahh, the new year. Everyone is celebrating a fresh start, talking about New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on times passed. You think back to all the goals you made last year, celebrate a goal accomplished, or review a failed goal, and you make new list. In 2017, we want to make sure that you’ve got […]

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How To Diversify Your Workouts With Interval Training (HIIT)

Bosu lunge in Team Training at Chuze Fitness

Is your new year’s resolution to be healthier and stronger in 2017? Then you should be mixing up your workouts with some interval training (also known as HIIT “High Intensity Interval Training”).  HIIT is designed as a way to help burn fat and build muscle via short bursts of exercise that will help you break […]

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3 Tips on How to Avoid Workout Injury

Hitting the gym is an uplifting experience. There is something so incredibly invigorating about completing a full circuit of stretches, weight training, and cardio – and a challenging workout will push you to want even more from your workout the next time you visit your local gym. But it is this ever-increasing desire for a […]

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How to Choose the Best Gym Shoes for You

Remember as a child when your parents would take you shoe shopping? The friendly shoe store employee would measure your foot on one of those cold metal contraptions, then your mom or dad would press on the front of your shoe to make sure your toes weren’t touching the front. That’s it – shoe problems […]

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Smiling: Your face’s favorite workout.

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