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Whether you’ve been hitting the gym for years or have just now made a promise to become more active, Chuze supports you. Readers can turn to our blog to get helpful wellness tips, healthy recipes, workouts, and more! We know some days it takes a little extra motivation to stay on track, and that’s exactly why we’re here!

What You Eat Builds Your Body

Whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose weight, you need to eat for results. What you eat builds your body and it all starts in the kitchen. […]

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Lunges for Longevity and Agility

Lunges are your friend. You can do them almost anywhere. Better yet, there are so many variations that you will never get bored! […]

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What the World Is a Wall Sit and Does it Actually Work?

The wall sit is a tried and true example of an effective, low-impact exercise that is beneficial to your overall body core strength. Do you know how to perform them effectively? Find out more here! […]

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Best Workout Songs (So Far) of 2017

We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again! Check out the best workout songs (so far) of 2017. These tunes will make you get up and get moving! […]

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Robin Cortez – Director of Team Training

Robin Cortez is the Director of Team Training at Chuze Fitness. Her industry experience ranges from exercise physiologist & wellness coach, to fitness manager & group exercise instructor. She received her Master of Science at the University of Utah in Exercise & Sport Science. She has studied yoga in Rishikesh, India. Having presented numerous ACSM […]

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What And When To Eat After A Workout

A smoothie at Chuze Fitness being poured

Drink chocolate milk one hour after a workout, drink chocolate milk right away! Which information is correct? We dive deep into this subject in this article. […]

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20 Gym Memes That Will Make You Say, “Me.”

Fitness isn’t all work and no play. Check out these gym memes that will make you say, “Me.” and hopefully inspire you to be active! […]

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Here’s What Happens To Your Body On A Rest Day

Leg machine at Chuze Fitness

We always urge our members to rest. This is because your body rebuilds itself when you take a rest day. Here is how you can benefit from taking time off. […]

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Try Out These St. Patrick’s Week Treadmill Workouts

It can be hard to add a healthy mix of cardio into your weekly routine. That’s why we’ve put together three hardcore treadmill workouts for you to try this St. Patrick’s week along with your regular strength training regime. […]

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Smiling: Your face’s favorite workout.

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