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Whether you’ve been hitting the gym for years or have just now made a promise to become more active, Chuze supports you. Readers can turn to our blog to get helpful wellness tips, healthy recipes, workouts, and more! We know some days it takes a little extra motivation to stay on track, and that’s exactly why we’re here!

Healthy Dessert Ideas For Your Next Barbecue

Woman preparing her summer barbecue food

At your next barbecue, why not be the champion who brings something healthy to the table that everyone can enjoy without feeling guilty about their choice? […]

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Detox Teas And Fad Diets: Are They The Answer?

It’s summer, and people are looking to get their beach bodies ready. Should you result to detox teas or fad diets to get the results you are after? […]

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14 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid At The Gym

He came up with 14 do’s and don’ts—and we thought, “Why not make a video for this one?” So we did! Here are 14 mistakes to avoid in the gym and how to correct them. […]

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Most Catchy Songs of 2017: A Mini Throwback

We’ve compiled a go-get-‘em playlist of catchy songs from 2017 that will boost your mood and your heart rate for a workout worth writing home about. […]

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Heart Rate: What Is It And What Can I Learn From It?

Heart rate monitor watch

Your heart rate tells you how your training is going when you might be pushing yourself too hard, or not doing enough. Here is how to calculate it. […]

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Is Sugar From Fruit Bad For You?

assorted fruits for is sugar from fruit bad for you

Slurping on soda after the gym? Downing a donut in between sets? We sure hope not… but JIC, we’re clearing the air about why these sugars are bad for you and fruit is A-OK. Pick up a peach or peel open an orange, because we’re setting the record straight: The sugar in fruit is not […]

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Yoga Before And After A Workout

Dynamic yoga stretch for yoga before and after a workout

While some styles of yoga are a workout in and of themselves, you can prepare sequences that are perfect to mix into your daily routine, before or after a workout.  […]

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How To Make Healthy Choices At Restaurants

A salad with beets and cheese crumbles for healthy choices at restaurants

Everyone needs cheat meals at times, our best advice is to stick to a balanced meal plan. Here is how to make healthy choices at your favorite restaurant! […]

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5 Types Of Yoga You’ve Heard Of, But What Are They?

Woman doing yoga on a mountain for 5 types of yoga

We are breaking down these five types of yoga for you, so you can be informed about which practices are best suited for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. […]

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Dynamic Stretching: What Is It And When Should I Do It?

Man performing dynamic stretch before run

Everyone knows that good a stretch before and after a workout can go a long way to reduce injury and ensure that you can keep active throughout the week without being sidelined with preventable aches and pains. While many subscribe to the misconception that stretching carves time off your total workout time, you should really […]

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Here’s The Scoop On PiYo

PiYo class at Chuze Fitness for What is PiYo

You have probably heard of PiYo before, but you’ve never quite known what it is. We’re here to clear up the confusion and set the record straight. PiYo is a fitness system that is designed to work your whole body and get you into shape from head to toe. What is PiYo? The “Pi” is […]

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