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6 Benefits of Supersets

Curious about the benefits of supersets and how they can level up your workout? Read our latest blog now to learn more today!

Published: 11/18/21

6 Benefits of Supersets

When it comes to strength training, supersets are effective interval exercises to build your fitness routine around. A superset combines two or more strength exercises together with minimal breaks or downtime between them. Without much rest between exercises, you’re essentially making the most out of your gym time. 

Today we’re diving into six incredible benefits of supersets.

Superset Workout Benefits 

1. Supersets Maximize Your Time At The Gym

While it may not feel like it at the moment, the time you spend between workout sets adds up. Whether you’re taking a sip of water, refilling your bottle, chatting with friends, checking your phone, or changing your music, every moment spent doing something besides working out lessens the productivity of your gym session. 

During a superset, you’re skipping the break time between exercises. Essentially, you’re saving time (which we could all use a little more of)! Whether you want to cut down on the time you spend at the gym or pack more into your workout routine—supersets are a time-effective way to keep you on track with your goals.

2. Supersets Can Help Burn Fat

Because there is less downtime between exercises, your heart cannot return to a resting state during a superset. Keeping your heart rate up encourages cardiovascular exercise, and cardiovascular exercise burns more calories—cue the fat burning. 

Let’s say that your first set in your superset routine is a bench press and your second set is a squat. Even though your upper body gets to rest during the second part of the superset, your heart cannot slow down because high energy and oxygen levels are required for the glute and quad muscles; therefore, your heart must continue to pump blood at a fast rate throughout your body.   

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3. Superset Training Can Build Strong Muscles

Like any strength exercise routine, supersets support muscle growth and strength. Unlike other strength training exercises, however, supersets allow you to support many different muscle groups in one workout session. 

Do a full-body superset workout by pairing various muscle groups together. For example, first, do calf raises, then do squats, then do bench presses, and then pull-ups. Supersets require both physical and mental stamina and allow you to quickly get a full-body workout in. 

4. Performing Supersets Can Strengthen Your Muscle’s Full Range Of Motion 

The fun thing about supersets is that you can use them to whatever benefit you’d like. If your goal is to focus on building one muscle group’s full range of motion and capabilities, string together exercises that all work the same muscle group. 

For instance, if you’d like to work every muscle activation in your shoulder, build a superset like the one illustrated here. Strength exercises are challenging, and there is a reason why people often take breaks and grab water between sets. It is always recommended to listen to your body and give it the sufficient rest and water it needs. A long superset such as this one is recommended for advanced trainees only and should be broken up into smaller bites for most people. 

5. Supersets Can Be Targeted

One thing we love about supersets is that they allow you to target specific muscle groups

For example, pairing overhead presses and barbell shrugs will push your shoulders to the limit and result in hypertrophy (the enlargement of the muscle tissue). Similarly, pairing bicep curls and tricep dips work the arms in oppositional movements—pull (curl) and push (dip)—are sure to improve musculature. 

6. Supersets can improve athletic performance

If you’re interested in functional strength training, there is a way to incorporate supersets into your fitness routine. 

This point is all about using supersets that utilize big oppositional parts of the body respectively—for example, sumo squats into an overhead press. As you move between the two exercises, your heart rate is going to spike, and the longer you perform the two, the harder you’re pushing your endurance. This line of thinking follows the logic of full-body high-intensity training routines like Tabata and HIIT to improve overall athletic performance.

The Best Place For Supersets

While supersets can be done from many locations, it’s best to be in an environment that is safe for weight lifting. Using padding to support you if you fall, and using high-quality lifting machines and weights will yield the best and safest results. Additionally, having a spotter with you to provide feedback, help you maintain proper form, and support your safety is vital and prevents injury. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, stop at the Chuze Fitness nearest you! We have state-of-the-art machines and equipment to help you reach your fitness goals, and foster a community of motivated individuals who support one another at every step of the way.

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