Team Training. Because sweat loves company.

Team Training

Work with a team training coach in a small group setting, and watch your motivation needle move. Enjoy as many sessions a month as you want—for less than the cost of a single personal training session anywhere else.



How It Works

Whether you choose our basic plan or one that includes classes, or even team training, you’ll pay a whole lot less—and get far more—than you can imagine. Awesome gym; awesomer price.

Step 1

A heart rate monitor is synced to you as you workout.

Step 2

Heart rate and calorie data is transmitted via bluetooth and your individual performance is shown on screen.

Step 3

Performance levels vary as you change from different team stations.

Step 4

Your metabolism is ignited at 83% of your max heart rate. Performance zones are indicated by different colors on screen.

Step 5

Track your results, compare calorie burn data and receive a full summary of your achievements on your mobile device.