Think Before You Post

Creating a safe and inclusive workout environment


Respect Personal Boundaries – Before taking photos or videos in the gym, please be mindful of other people’s personal space and comfort. Avoid capturing anyone without their explicit consent.

Prioritize Safety – Safety is paramount in the gym. Don’t distract others, extend into their workout space or set up a tripod to capture the shot. Let’s not let actions lead to accidents.

No Mocking or Shaming – Avoid taking images or videos that could be perceived as mocking or shaming someone, even unintentionally. Celebrate people’s efforts, diversity, and unique strengths instead.

Keep It Positive – Let your content be a source of motivation and positivity. Let’s collectively commit to highlighting accomplishments, personal growth, positive messages, and the fun aspects of your fitness journey. Inspire others to pursue a healthy lifestyle while strengthening the Chuze community.

Be Mindful of Background – Be cautious of what appears in the background of your photos or videos, including reflections in the mirror, to ensure there’s nothing that could invade someone’s privacy or cause discomfort. For this reason, there are absolutely no pictures allowed in the locker rooms.

Limit Disturbances – Please mute your phone and take photos or videos of yourself discreetly. Avoid spending extra time on the equipment so your fellow Chuze family gym-goers can get in there too.

Be a Responsible Influencer – If you have a following on social media, set a good example. You have the power to educate, motivate, and encourage your followers in a positive way.

Remember– fun and light-hearted content can promote a mindful and respectful gym environment. Following these rules will create an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable, motivated, and inspired!

P.S. You look amazing!