Reasons to CHUZE

Chuze Fitness is a place that is free of distraction and intimidation, where everyone is welcomed and accepted, no matter what their current physical condition may be. The only competition you’ll find at Chuze will be with yourself.

The staff at Chuze Fitness is committed to providing you with a high quality, immaculate facility that is easy for you to use and enjoy.


val_memWith memberships starting at $9.99 a month, it’s a no brainer to join! We pack a ton of value in your low cost membership. We want you to be impressed with what you get for your monthly dues. No restricted days or times to use the gym, come when you want and enjoy our beautiful facility for close to nothing!

spot_facNo kidding! We are the cleanest gym in town! Cleanliness is a part of our culture at Chuze Fitness. We know how important a clean facility is for you to workout in so we work hard to make sure you feel comfortable every time you step in our gym. We provide wipes for you to wipe down the equipment, and our hard-working team of employees is always making sure the facilities are spotless when you get there!

our_atmWe strive to provide a warm, welcoming , friendly atmosphere for all levels of fitness. Experienced, inexperienced, in shape, or out of shape, we welcome you in and want you to feel comfortable and get a workout with no distraction. No grunting or slamming weights is allowed in our gyms. So, if you’re grunting, you better be in labor! No weight dropping unless it’s from your belly!

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