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Indoor Cycling

What To Know Before You Take A Ride Indoors

Curious about cycling, but don’t know where to start? Learn about the basics with Chuze Fitness instructor Jessica.

Published: 11/15/21

What To Know Before You Take A Ride Indoors

You take a deep breath and see the road in front of you, you look at that hill and set yourself up for conquering that ride, you take a sip of water and place your water bottle on your bike rack, you clip your cleats on the pedals and all of a sudden hear, “Welcome to Indoor Cycle!”

Yes! You are ready to conquer those hills, sprints and fun interval drills in a fun closed environment in our indoor cycling workout class. 

What Is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is a formatted workout that would take your outdoor cycling experience inside as you ride along with motivating music for a great workout experience. An indoor cycling class is based on a stationary bike designed to create different levels of resistance as it mimics an outside bicycle ride. Cycling fitness class is a form of exercise that will focus on cardiovascular, endurance and strength development based on both aerobic and anaerobic interval training at both low and high intensity as well as recovery. 

Indoor Cycle is tailored to challenge all cycle enthusiasts at their fitness level, from beginners to advanced and competitive riders. If you’re ready to strap on those cycling shoes and turn up the intensity, training on a stationary bike can help you get started.

How To Set Up Your Indoor Bike 

  • Stand next to your stationary bike and adjust the saddle to hip height by releasing the lock on the stem beneath the saddle
  • Lock in place
  • Sit on the bike and pedal to ensure comfort while riding
  • Adjust the saddle closer to the handlebars or further away as needed by releasing the lock behind the saddle. Aim to keep a slight bend in your elbows and relaxed shoulders.
  • Lock in place
  • As you pedal slowly stop when one leg is extended (12 & 6 o’clock). There should be a slight bend in your extended leg and your “12 o’clock” knee should be over the middle of your foot.
  • Adjust handlebar settings for comfort. Some riders like them higher and others lower, this one is up to you. But when in doubt, start with handlebars about the same height as your seat.

Now that you know the indoor cycling format, it’s time to start training! Cycle training is a fun and challenging workout that offers intensity in each and every cycle class. If you’re looking to improve muscular endurance, stamina, and strength, sign up for an indoor cycling class at Chuze today!

Article by By Jessica Carranza, Chuze Fitness Instructor

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