Introduction to Chuze Fitness Classes

Are you looking for Sacramento fitness classes? Look no further! You deserve a better way to exercise. At Chuze Fitness, we’re all about friendliness, inclusivity, and encouragement. We want you to experience true support and have fun while getting the best workout of your life—and it’s easy with our in-house exercise classes.

Sacramento is just one of many Chuze Fitness locations in California. When you sign up for a Premium membership, you can take classes at any of our gyms, any time. Stop by our Citrus Heights gym to take a break during your daily commute, and start or end the day close to home in Sacramento. You can even drop in for class while traveling—we’re already in seven states (and counting!).

Plus, with our variety of workout classes, you can get your cardio in, build strength and muscle, or enjoy moving in whatever way suits your body best. From Aqua Fit to Team Training, you’re sure to find your new favorite workout class at Chuze.


June 12th - June 18th

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Les Mills Body Combat

BODYCOMBAT is the ultimate warrior workout to develop co-ordination, release stress, and maximize caloric burn. As you punch, kick, block, and strike you get a workout that targets every muscle group.


Les Mills Body Pump

Get lean, build strength and tone muscle with BODYPUMP, a group-based barbell class to work all your major muscle groups.


Team Training

Everyone knows, you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals with some help. Team Training is the ultimate in support— the encouragement of a personal trainer with the reinforcement of a group.



Vinyasa-based postures and core building. Pushes you and your core strength to the limit in the best possible way.



Dance-based, high-energy exercise for total body calorie burn. It’s a party in a workout.



Pilates meets yoga meets dance meets athletics. It’s an agility-building, fat-blasting blast.


Killer Core & Glutes

Who loves their core and glutes exactly as they are? You, after this class.


Tone & Sculpt

We pull out all the tools (weights, bands, bells, balls) and all the stops for this awesome strengthening class.


Cardio Kickboxing

High-intensity, cardio workout using fighting punches and kicks to get your heart rate up. Exactly what the work day ordered.


Abs Central

Because crunches with friends are so much easier than crunches alone. Think of this as your ab work support group.


Boot Camp

For cardio and muscle conditioning, we all need a little drill sergeant in our life. “Yes Sir, may I have another?”


Chuze Gold

Like Tone ‘n Sculpt Lite. A kinder, gentler, all-muscle workout using bells, balls and bands.


Silver Sneakers Classic

Fun, energizing program for older adults. Increase your strength, range of motion, and your friendships in the process.


Aqua Fit

Better than low-impact, this is the no-impact way to rehab or build strength and stamina. Plus it feels so dang good.


Indoor Cycling

Pedal through the world’s most scenic terrain without going outside. A cycling format that caters even to beginners.


Mat Pilates

Discover and use those core muscles you didn’t know you had. 50 minutes of strengthening, lengthening goodness.


Chuze Barre

Get lean, long and sculpted in this low-impact class. You can look like a dancer even if you’re left-footed.


About our Sacramento Fitness Classes

At Chuze Fitness, our daily schedule is packed with the finest workout classes Sacramento has to offer. Here’s a quick introduction to some of our most popular classes—all you have to do is pick your favorite (or favorites) and show up ready to move.

If you’re searching for an exercise class that will increase your flexibility, improve your balance, build strength, and help you find your alignment, yoga is a fantastic choice. Chuze Fitness Sacramento offers both heated and non-heated yoga classes at a variety of intensity levels, so you can get centered in exactly the way that suits you best.

Speaking of heated classes, why not try Pilates, too? Sweat, stretch, and feel fabulous with our variety of mat-based classes.

Want to learn new skills, build relationships, and experience the rush of group encouragement? Chuze Team Training is designed to bring our members closer together. Once you’ve attended one of our daily Team Training sessions, you’ll want to attend them all!

If you’re into HIIT, martial arts, and weight training, Chuze Les Mills classes are calling your name. We offer both Bodycombat and Bodypump on the schedule, so you can kick, strike, and lift to your heart’s content.

Looking for another type of class? Maybe you’re interested in Aqua Fit, Turf Training, Barre, cardio kickboxing, cycling, or Chuze Gold. The good news is that there’s no need to limit yourself—with a Premium Chuze membership, you can pop over to our nearby Citrus Heights locations and have your pick of them all!

Friendly, educated instructors, a thriving community, and plenty of class options to keep you excited and engaged—there’s no better way to pursue your wellness goals than with Chuze Fitness classes. Sacramento, we’re ready for you! Start your free 7-day trial membership today to experience the Chuze difference for yourself.