Get Some Color

Want a healthy-looking golden glow? Or a vacation base? Our gyms with tanning have you covered! Our tanning facilities are as top-of-the-line as our gym equipment. What’s more convenient than being able to visit one place to get some workout and some indoor tanning?

At Chuze Fitness, it’s as easy as hitting the locker room after your workout and then hopping into a tanning bed with some eye protection (tanning goggles are required for your protection).

Tanning’s included in our Premium and MORE gym membership. So, for the price of a tanning salon, members also get a 30,000-foot gym, free group fitness classes, sauna access, and more.

High-tech indoor tanning services can make your skin glow, increase vitamin D, enhance your mood and improve your appearance. Our gyms with tanning facilities let you enjoy an unlimited tanning experience. Whether you prefer a tanning bed or a tanning booth, get access to this exquisite amenity that will complete your fitness goals, even in the winter season.

Our tanning facility can help members achieve the same health benefits as traditional outdoor tanning, so there’s no need to wait for summer to get that glowing skin.

Join our gym membership today! Check out our gyms with tanning services and find the nearest Chuze fitness center near you.