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What is an Infrared Sauna?

What is an infrared sauna and what makes it such a popular post-workout regimen? Find out more about infrared saunas here!

Published: 1/14/19

In Finland, you can find a built-in sauna in almost every single house. Some of its earliest iterations are thought to date all of the way back to 7000 BC. There is a lot to be said about a tradition that has truly stood the test of time, and the healing powers of the sauna might have something to do with that. After all, when your body has a cold, it creates heat in itself to kill the disease. This is where a sauna steps in.

So, what is an infrared sauna? And what is the difference between a traditional and far infrared sauna?

Traditional vs Far Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas and traditional saunas look so similar that someone new to the sauna experience may not even be able to spot the difference, however, the difference is in the heat. When entering a traditional sauna, you will usually see a heater with hot coals inside and a bucket of water to pour onto the coals in order to generate steam. This creates a more comfortable room, allows for the nasal passages to open, and is when some users get out their essential oils for aromatherapy. Traditional saunas heat up quickly and generally cause one to be “drenched in sweat” and reach temperatures between 150º and 185ºF.

Contrastly, infrared saunas are generally heated between 120º and 140ºF. The goal of these rooms is not necessary to remain at a high temperature in order to cause a sweat, but instead to have the heat penetrate the body at a different level. With far infrared saunas, you will find built-in infrared heaters on the side and even the top of your sauna. These saunas heat up at a slower rate than a traditional sauna and are known to relax your body and open up your pores for a fantastic sweat sesh. Here in Chuze fitness, you can enjoy our gym with sauna and it’s free with our Premium and MORE memberships.

Sweat Sesh

While you might think that the higher temperatures in a traditional sauna would lead to better weight loss results, the change in temperature is almost insignificant from that of an infrared sauna in terms of results. Along with the other health benefits, you will find that you may actually be able to stay in an infrared sauna even longer. So, if your goal is to sweat, check it out! This type of sauna might just be the one for you.

How Are The Heat Waves Different?

Far infrared saunas create infrared energy, which is energy almost equal to the energy that our body naturally creates. This means that the far infrared emitters are more easily received in the body and allow for deeper penetration into the muscles and joints. The infrared sauna also does not need to be “hot” in order to work. In fact, unlike the traditional sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of far infrared saunas as soon as it is turned on. However, most sauna users prefer to wait until the room is hotter than 100º F.  

Infrared Wavelengths

One of the wavelengths that the sun produces is infrared light. Infrared wavelengths are what makes the sun feel warm, and scientists have found that they are beneficial to the human body because they can be absorbed easily to help remove toxins. By taking out the light rays (ultraviolet), you can receive all of the benefits of heat while not harming your skin with the rays of sunlight. Far infrared is the longest wavelength and can penetrate the deepest into the skin. This is what some claim detoxifies your body,  improves blood circulation, and aids in muscle recovery, along with several other benefits of infrared therapy.

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