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What Is A Superset

So, what is a superset exactly? Find the answer to this question and more here in our latest blog. Read now!

Published: 11/11/21

What is a Superset

When it comes to strength training for different muscle groups, people often are unsure of where to begin. However, structuring your gym sessions around strength training can help you stay on task and accomplish your goals as efficiently and safely as possible. Supersets are an effective and easy way to structure your workout routine.

Superset exercise can be beneficial for potentially speeding up workouts, which is something to consider if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise. Without any rest between workout sets, a proper superset eliminates the time between one exercise and the next. 

Are you ready to press your foot to the pedal and gas up your exercise to the next level? Keep on reading to learn more about what a superset is and superset workout examples to get you started. 

Superset Meaning

A typical strength-training workout consists of performing one exercise after another with short breaks for rest and recovery in between. The difference between this type of exercise, also known as a straight-set, and a superset exercise is the elimination of the in-between time that spaces out various exercise reps. 

Performing a superset means doing one exercise and then immediately moving into the next exercise on your agenda without any downtime in between.

Because you’re restricting your body from taking downtime between reps, supersets require more stamina and endurance. This is why supersets are a popular component in the fitness world.

Why Should I Incorporate Supersets Into My Routine? 

There are many benefits to performing supersets. Doing one exercise after another without any rest between sets requires your body to push harder for a longer period of time. If you’re looking to increase your muscular endurance and train your mind and body to test new limits, superset workouts are a great option! 

Supersets can optimize your productivity because when you swiftly transition from one exercise to the next, you spend less time thinking about what’s ahead. This is why it is important to come prepared by creating a workout plan ahead of time. In the end, you will have put more thought into your strategy to ensure you’re hitting the muscle groups you want to focus on in a given gym session. 

Superset workouts are also great for increasing your heart rate and burning fat while also building muscle and muscular strength. Taking breaks between reps can allow your body to cool down and your heart rate to return to a normal level, while removing breaks between sets and jumping into the next exercise, preventing your heart rate from slowing down again and returning to a resting state. 

Superset Examples

Superset workouts can accomplish many different fitness goals depending on how you design them; there are many different types of supersets to support your needs. Here are examples of three types of supersets—one muscle group, upper vs lower body, and opposing muscle groups

Full-body superset:

  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Barbell squats
  • Bench press
  • Pull-Up 

Opposing muscle supersets: 

  • Biceps curls
  • Triceps dips 
  • Bulgarian split squats (quadriceps)
  • Glute bridge (hamstrings)
  • Barbell row (latissimus dorsi)
  • Barbell press (pectoralis major)

Supersets are hard work and push your mind and body to the limit. It’s important to know your body, listen to your needs, work with a spotter that you trust, and choose safe environments to do supersets. All of our Chuze locations are equipped with top-tier workout machinery and equipment to help you safely accomplish your fitness goals, stop in today!

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