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2 HIIT Treadmill Workouts That You Should Try Today

Check out our latest blog post for 2 HIIT treadmill workouts you should try today. Read now to learn more!

Published: 10/5/20

2 HIIT Treadmill Workouts That You Should Try Today


Our Coaches come up with some of the best treadmill workouts on earth! Okay, so we haven’t quite scoured the earth for treadmill workouts, but we are pretty smitten with our incredible coaches. Today, we want to share two treadmill HIIT workouts from our very own Coach Ashton Atilano, and—at the end—we have a very special bonus to share with you. Don’t scroll ahead, though! Let’s dive into this cardio workout now. 


What You Need For This HIIT Cardio Treadmill Workout


  • A treadmill that inclines. 
  • A bottle of water. 
  • A towel. 
  • Running shoes. 
  • A positive attitude.


What is RPE?


RPE stands for ‘rate of perceived exertion.’ Many trainers use RPE to track your intensity levels during a workout. If you have heard an instructor or coach yell, “You should be at an 8 right now!” They are asking you to be working at an RPE of 8/10. Ten being your maximum effort. Throughout these workouts, we will tell you where you should be landing on an RPE scale. So, 0/10 is no exertion, 10/10 is your absolute maximum for that day (this changes based on the day you’re having), and 5/10 is somewhere in the middle. If you’re interested in learning how to calculate on your own, here’s our step by step process to help you create your own RPE calculator and keep track of your RPE.


Cruise, More, Max!


In our Team Training Sessions, we use Cruise (jog), More (run), and Max (sprint) to help keep everyone on the same page. Beginners at treadmill HIIT training should start at Power Walker. If you have been using treadmills for a while now and are comfortable, begin at Jogger.




1 | Walk: 1- 2 minutes

Do a nice walk on the treadmill at 2-4 mph or whatever is comfortable for you to start this HIIT exercise. This walk will help you get your blood flowing and send a little nod to your muscles to let them know that you are about to get in a great workout! 


2 | Jog/Walk On Incline: 3 minutes

Now, at a 5-6 on your RPE scale, jog or walk on an incline for 3 minutes. Keep your shoulders relaxed and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You can take it up a notch in your final minute if you have the energy and add a little more incline if you are power walking, or a bit more speed if you are jogging/running.


HIIT Treadmill Workout One: 6-Minute Block


1 | More: 1.5 minutes

Now, begin to run or power walk at your MORE pace. This pace will change based on your body and how you are feeling at the moment. You should feel like you are being challenged, but not at your Max effort. 


2 | Cruise: 1.5 minutes

At your Cruise pace, you are lowering your intensity and recovering. It’s active recovery, though. So, you do not get to lie on the floor and text your best friend. You are in this. Be sure to get to a pace that feels like you are recovering, whether that’s a light jog or a walk on flat ground. 


3 | More: 1 minute

Get back into that run pace and start to work hard again. Remember, you are setting the scene for how your workout will end. Are you going to be proud of the effort you put in? Listen to your body and dedicate yourself to working hard at a 7 or 8 effort. 


4 | Cruise: 1 minute

You’ve worked hard. It’s time for active recovery (5-6 intensity). Take a minute to recover and get ready to give it your all in the next workout. 


5 | Max: 1 minute

For one minute, you are going to give it all that you got. Remember, at the More pace, you were working hard, but not at your highest intensity effort. Now it is time to add on 2-3 mph and leave it all on the floor if you are a jogger/runner. If you are a power-walker, you will be giving it your best incline. 


6 | Recover: 2 minutes

Go down to a slow walk, and have some water, towel off, and recover. Everyone recovers differently. Listen to your body and recover how you need to.


HIIT Treadmill Workout Two: 10.5-Minute Block


1 | More: 3 minutes

You know the drill now. Bring up that speed, keep your shoulders and arms soft, unclench your jaw, and focus on your breathing. You are pushing at this pace (7 or 8 effort) but leaving a little room to do more later. At this point, you are probably getting tired. Be sure to focus on your posture and keep your body engaged as you run or walk on your incline. Can you do a little more on your last minute? If so, add some speed or incline and finish strong! 


2 | Cruise: 3 minutes

Breathe in, breathe out, sip some water, and give yourself some time to recover. The goal here at 5-6 intensity, is to get your breathing back to normal so that you can give your best effort later.


3 | More: 1.5 minutes

You are elevating that heart rate again, training yourself to be stronger, faster, and more capable the next time you step on the treadmill. You got this. We know because you came this far.


4 | Cruise: 1.5 Minutes

Reset. Come back to your 5-6 effort and get ready to finish this workout strong. 


5 | More: 30 seconds

You are getting yourself ready for a one-minute max at this pace. So, push yourself and get your mind ready to give it your all. 


6 | Max: 1 minute

Everything. You’ve. Got. You shouldn’t be able to hold a convo at this effort. Can you give more? Then do it! Add incline or speed. 


Cool Down


Recover: 2 minutes

Take your incline down to 1% and walk for a few minutes. Hydrate, refuel your body, stretch, and pat yourself on the back because you rocked it! 


Find This Workout On iChuze Fitness


Now, here’s the secret. This workout came from our brilliant coach, Ashton Atilano, who developed this for our brand-new virtual fitness platform iChuze Fitness. If you would like to be guided through this workout with a top-tier trainer, you can check out her video and more here! You can try the first or second workout on their own as well, just remember to always warm-up, cool-down, and stay hydrated!

We have equipment for a treadmill HIIT cardio workout at all of our locations, and incredible treadmill workouts for all on iChuze Fitness. Whether you are trying this in our clubs or your home, we know you will enjoy it! Have fun, drink plenty of water, and remember to allow yourself to recover before you come back for more.

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