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At-Home Workouts

7 At-Home Workouts For Beginners

Looking for an at-home workout to try today? Our team has rounded up 7 of our best at-home workouts that are sure to get you moving on our blog.

Published: 10/8/20

7 At-Home Workouts For Beginners

Mind, body, and heart are what iChuze Fitness is all about. With this premium, low-cost virtual platform, not only do we bring you a full library of virtual workouts and live-streamed fitness classes that will make your muscles ache (in a good way), but we also provide good-for-the-heart mindfulness, meditation, and self-care sessions with an opportunity to be kind to your community. Today, we want to lay out some of our best at-home workouts for beginners to start your routine. 

Virtual Strength Training

Cardio is a bit easier than strength training to wrap our heads around when we work out at home. After all, we can all lace up our tennies and go for a walk, or do jumping jacks in our living rooms. When we started creating at-home workouts for beginners, it was clear that strength training had to be accessible and fun for the Chuze Family. So, we thought about how to do a beginner workout at home without equipment, how to do one with equipment, and everything in-between. You can find strength training by your favorite instructors on our new virtual fitness platform, like this 10-minute, easy-to-fit-into-your-day exercise by Mariah below.

1 | Upper Body Blast

While Mariah does use weights in this video, you don’t need to worry. You can find resistance equipment all-around your home, just check out how creative our members have gotten! We recommend canned goods, water bottles, bean bags, or—if you have the budget—a nice set of dumbbells for your home. This workout will target your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders and leave you feeling strong for the rest of your day!

2 | Resistance Band Strength

Summer also brings us a fantastic strength workout for beginners with resistance bands. Now, if you don’t have resistance bands, you can use items at home like towels, or free weights and modify the workout. But, there are many resistance band options to choose from. The good thing about resistance bands is they don’t take up any space—perfect for a multi-functional home workout area—and you can use them for stretching, resistance training, yoga, and more! You will love this exercise video if you have 10 minutes, a bottle of water, and the inspiration to strength train.

Instructor, Summer, teaching a resistance band workout on the turf area at Chuze Fitness for the virtual platform, iChuze Fitness.

3 | Glute Strength

If it’s glute day, Nina has got you covered. Again, just 10 mins are all it takes to work your inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and leave you feeling energized. This beginner workout routine at home is perfect for lifting and firming while Nina inspires you to push yourself further than you thought you could go. 

Virtual Cardio Training

4 | HIIT Cardio

It’s fun to teach cardio online because there are many ways to get in a cardio workout with and without equipment. But first, let’s start with a beginner workout at home without equipment. Mariah spends 10 minutes taking us through an exciting HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout. This means she brings your heart rate up for an interval, allows you to rest, and then stays with you as you do it all over again. You will love this full-body cardio workout.

5 | Treadmill Training

One of the perks of iChuze Fitness is that you can access it anytime, anywhere. That, of course, means that you can also use it in our clubs. We have treadmills at all of our locations, or, if you have a treadmill at home, you can jump into this treadmill class with Ashton. Few things are more motivating than having an instructor run right along with you, telling you exactly what to do on the equipment.

Coach Ashton teaching a treadmill HIIT class on iChuze Fitness

Virtual Self-Care

6 | Attitude Of Gratitude

After your workout is through, we want to encourage you to cool down, reflect, and give yourself some gratitude. Ashley will lead you through a 9-minute Attitude of Gratitude session, teaching you how to be grateful for all you are. 

7 | Farel’s Top 5 Self-Care Tips

For more self-care, you can enjoy quality time with Farel as she goes through her five tips for self-care. We are all navigating this life together, and by prioritizing treating ourselves with kindness, we can put our best self into the world. 

We do virtual fitness a little differently. Our wellness is not just about having toned arms and a six-pack, it is also essential to focus on your mind and spreading kindness to others. Find out more about iChuze Fitness and sign up for a free 7-day trial on our website!

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