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What Is Aqua Fit? An Interview With Blanca Ramirez

We asked one of our Aqua Fit instructors, Blanca Ramirez, to tell us a little more about this class and what you should expect. Read more here!

Published: 4/15/19


What Is Aqua Fit? An Interview With Blanca Ramirez

It is important to balance your high-impact workouts out with some low-impact exercises throughout the week. Aqua Fit is the perfect workout to try if you want to build your strength and stamina. The water’s resistance helps you to build up strength for high-impact sports like running, softball, volleyball and the like! We asked one of our Aqua Fit instructors, Blanca Ramirez, to tell us a little more about this class and what you should expect.

1 | We are so excited to get to know you, Blanca! Could you let everyone know what you do at Chuze Fitness, how long you have worked here, and how you ended up on the team?

I am a group exercise instructor in Corona, Ca. I love what I do and enjoy sharing my passion for fitness. I knew I wanted to grow, so when I saw Chuze Fitness in Corona was hiring I didn’t have to think twice. I went for it. I am blessed to say that I have been with Chuze Fitness for eight months. Since I started, Jessica Carranza has motivated me to get certified in a few more formats. Now I teach Aqua Fit, BODY PUMP, Cycle, and Zumba classes.

Group X Instructor, Blanca Ramirez, in front of some art at Chuze Fitness that says "You gotta start somewhere"

2 | What exactly is Aqua Fit?

Aqua Fit is a pool-based HIIT class. A perfect low-impact option for your joints.

3 | Can you take us through a class? What exercises will we do and what should we expect?

In this class, you will get two weights and a pool noodle. Your instructor will be there as you set up to make sure that you are positioned correctly in the water for the best results. We will complete exercises like hamstring curls, jumping jacks, high-knees, jumps, twists, punches, and tons of other options. If you aren’t comfortable with a movement—I (or the instructor at your club) am here to help! I can adjust the movements to fit your needs. In each class, I will let you know which area of the body that you are targeting and will be there to motivate you along the way. I also love feedback, good or bad—so let me know if you have any feedback after class!

4 | If I am a brand new swimmer, can I take an Aqua Fit class?

Yes, you can! As a new swimmer, you will be able to stay on the shallow end for the class.  Myself (or the instructor at your gym) will be there to check on you along the way and ask you how you are doing.

5 | Is Aqua Fit only for Seniors, or those who are injured?

No, Aqua Fit is for everyone! Anybody who is looking for a different way to workout is welcome to come on in and try it out.

6 | What are your three main tips for someone who is new to Aqua Fit?

The first tip would be to be open-minded. The second tip would be to let me know of any injuries so that I can do my best to find an option so you can 100% enjoy the class. My third tip would be to leave enough space between members to get the most out of the exercise.

Group Exercise Instructor, Blanca Ramirez, in front of the entrance doors at Chuze Fitness

7 | What would you say to someone who is interested in Aqua Fit but is being held back by having to wear a swimsuit?  

Don’t worry about it—there are other options! You can either wear a swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt (as long as your clothes are not made of cotton).

8 | Do I need any special equipment for Aqua Fit like goggles, a swim cap, or a nose plug?

That’s up to you! No special equipment is required for Aqua Fit.

9 | Let’s get motivational! What is the best advice you have received on your fitness journey?

The best advice I received in my fitness journey was, “You are here because you can, not because you can’t—so never give up!”

10 | Is there anything else that you would like to share with the Chuze Family?   

I’m very grateful to be part of Chuze Family. I love what I do and do what I love. Thank you.

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