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10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Curious about the benefits of water aerobics? We’ve got you covered. Read our latest blog now to learn more today!

Published: 1/27/22

10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

If you’ve clicked on this article, it probably means you’re considering water aerobics for your next water workout. There are many benefits of water aerobics and we don’t think you’ll take much convincing, but here are 10 to nudge you in the right direction!

1 | Low Impact

Arguably the biggest selling point of water aerobics is that it is low impact. 

Traditional workouts fight against gravity, which can be hard on your body; working against gravity as we move through our day-to-day lives is already difficult enough without the added resistance of a barbell or a treadmill on an incline. 

Moving a workout into the pool reduces gravity’s power in this equation, creating less resistance and making you feel weightless. As a result, you get an excellent workout (advanced water aerobics is certainly as tough as any other workout on land), but the risk of falling down and creating new injuries is greatly reduced. 

2 | Great Form of Cardio

Water aerobics is, naturally, an aerobic exercise, which means it’s a fantastic form of a cardio workout. Aerobics are characterized by manipulating movement to increase your heart rate. The higher your heart rate, the faster you breathe.

When we do aerobic exercise often, our ability to use oxygen becomes more and more efficient, resulting in more energy and the ability to work out for longer periods of time. Cardio in general has its own myriad of health benefits, such as appetite control, better sleep, and managing high blood pressure. 

3 | Improves Strength 

You may be surprised to hear that you can still build strength by doing water aerobics, even without the added weight of gravity to drive your resistance. Just like with any other type of workout, you have the power to influence the affects a workout has on your body. You can veer towards a cardio-centric workout, or you can choose to focus on strength and muscle development. There are aqua aerobics exercises for every part of the body. 

We actually have an entire article dedicated to strength-building moves if you’d like to see the type of work you might be in for at your first water aerobics class!

4 | Supports Mobility

Another great benefit of water aerobics is that it supports your mobility. 

At the end of the day, what drives our love of fitness is the ability to help people move better through their daily lives, and water aerobics does just that. As you build strength in the water, you will gain (or in some cases regain), the ability to perform certain movements. Some are as simple as sitting down, while others are as complicated as jumping jacks. 

When we exit the pool, we carry the benefits of our workout with us. That’s why water aerobics is great on its own as well as being a tool that can help people build enough strength to begin working out above water on the gym floor (if that’s their goal).

5 | Reduces Stress

One of our favorite benefits of water aerobics is that it reduces stress! 

Like any form of exercise, aquatic exercise including water aerobics releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for dealing with stress and pain and leave you feeling good, so you can rest assured that you’ll leave your pool exercise feeling even better, both physically and mentally, than when you walked into it. Group fitness classes are also a fun way to connect with others, which can also provide a source of reduced stress. 

6 | Relieves Joint Pain

Working out on land is tough on weight-bearing joints—the primary ones being the knees, hips, and ankles. If this type of pain sounds familiar to you, heading into warm water will allow you to strengthen your body while relieving the usual pressure on those joints. 

7 | Burns Calories

While weight loss might not be on your list of fitness goals, water aerobics certainly gets your body moving, burning calories along the way. 

8 | Improves Balance and Coordination 

Sometimes, movements as simple as lifting our groceries from the trunk of the car into the house can cause pain. This can be especially risky with the hard ground beneath you to stop your fall. 

In order to get through the day in a way that allows you to not have to worry about falling-related injuries, working on your balance and coordination is so necessary. Fortunately, water aerobics can help you strengthen the core muscles necessary for balance and helps you gain better coordination. 

9 | Boosts Confidence

Another important benefit of water aerobics is that it boosts your confidence. When we lose our ability to perform day-to-day functions, like walking without pain or bending down to tie our shoes, for example, we can lose confidence in ourselves. Water aerobics can help to regain confidence, which is just as valuable as any physical benefit. 

10 | Accessibility 

Last but certainly not least is accessibility. Water aerobics is available to people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. It’s a healthy, safe environment to work out in, and it’s hard to go wrong with a great fitness class in the pool. 

Just like with any other form of exercise, please make sure to ask your doctor before getting in the water, and if you’re new to water exercise, make sure you start out under the supervision of an instructor. If you’re with us at one of our 30 Chuze facilities, our Aqua Fit class is a great place to begin! Interested to exercise in an indoor pool? Check out our gyms with pools today!

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