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Top 5 Healthy Eats in Westminster, Colorado

Here at Chuze Westminster, we’re always on the lookout for the best healthy eats to compliment our workouts. When you’re looking for good food, ambiance, and healthy eats in Westminster, Colorado, look no farther. We found the top 5 places that are popular with both visitors and locals alike. These healthy restaurants are perfect for whether you’re looking for a healthy bite to eat after the gym, new to the city and craving nutritious food, or a local wanting to discover new healthy eats in Westminster. We’ve got the top 5 healthy eats in Westminster right here.

MAD Greens: Westminster

Mad Greens restaurant in Westminster is part of a larger group that started in 2004. At the time, it was groundbreaking for what it offered. Today, they still serve fresh and healthy food for adults and children alike, which makes it much easier for the average person to avoid the dreaded junk food diet.

Their cuisine can best be described as healthy, vegetarian-friendly, “American fast food.” Their “grain bowls” are rice-based, so they should be excellent for those with an intolerance to (or for those who choose to avoid) gluten. MAD Greens: Westminster restaurant caters mostly to the daytime crowd. It’s also accessible by wheelchair for those with a handicap, which is always a win.

Babajoon’s Kabobs

Eating healthy becomes an exciting experience with Babajoon’s Kabobs. Their menu offers a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Persian cuisine, with a few odd dishes from other countries thrown in for good measure. Vegans and vegetarians are catered to the most, and the restaurant opens at brunch. Despite the late start, Babajoon’s stays open until well past dinner time, seven days a week.

There are various seating options available at Babajoon’s that extend to outdoor seating and private dining areas. The restaurant is accessible via wheelchair, it is child-friendly, and they do offer takeout versions of their meals, which is helpful for all the homebodies out there that don’t want to go out.

All of Babajoon’s ingredients are fresh, and the food is prepared on the premises, right down to the Taftoon bread. Their ingredients are organic too, which is impressive.

The Egg & I Restaurant

In contrast to Babajoon’s, The Egg and I restaurant in Westminster is open early, opening their doors at 6 am and shutting them at 2 pm. Their focus is on serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch, so plan to be there early to get a table. Despite the name, the menu also contains many egg-free dishes. Their cuisine is best described as healthy, Southwestern American “cafe food.” They also offer—among other things—gourmet coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, and hearty, homemade soups.

Meals can be eaten on the premises or ordered as takeout, with seating that includes high chairs and outdoor seating options. They take reservations and accept credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. They also offer plenty of parking space and free Wi-Fi. The free Wi-Fi is a boon for those who like to enjoy their cup of coffee hunched over their laptop.

First Watch

Similarly, First Watch caters to the early morning and lunch crowd by offering breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Their cuisine is best described as healthy American food. Some of it caters to vegetarians, vegans, and those who need (or choose) to avoid gluten.

They seem to have an exciting selection of foods with a lot of variety, as well as a plethora of breakfast cocktails. Their fares range from smoothies to “healthy” desserts.

This Westminster, Colorado restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating with an open floor plan and high chairs. It is also accessible via wheelchair and food can be ordered as takeout. It provides an impressive setting with an atmosphere that lends itself well to kids and groups. This feature alone makes it popular among families and those who want to feed a crowd.

Modern Market

Finally, we have the Modern Market restaurant which is open from breakfast until dinner. Their healthy American food is vegetarian-friendly, with some vegan and gluten-free options available, too. Guests are offered the choice of seated dining (including high chairs) or takeout.

This child-friendly restaurant provides free Wi-Fi and easy access for wheelchair users, and it seems to be a favorite feeding place for those with a taste for food that is both fast and tasty. You might call it the “healthy” version of a fast food joint, with the Superfood Salad and the Basil Chicken Sandwich being favored menu items.

There you have it. Five places for healthy eats in Westminster, Colorado, including food for those who live a vegan lifestyle or those who may have gluten-sensitivities. Enjoy!