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Spirulina: What Is It And How Can It Benefit Your Health?

What is spirulina and how do you eat it? We take a deep dive into this health trend that is sweeping the globe. Read on to learn more.

Published: 10/29/18

We have written about many health trends on our blog. Some that work, and some that have more hype than they deserve, but there is a new trend in town and it has caught our attention! See Spirulina: a dark green powdery substance making waves as an addition in healthy smoothies and foods all across the world. But, this is not a new trend at all. As you read on, you will find that spirulina has been around for a long time, and looks like it is here to stay!

What Is Spirulina

While it may seem counter-intuitive to scrape algae off of the bottom of a lake and add it into your smoothie (don’t do this, guys), spirulina is a superfood on the rise! You have probably been seeing this powder served up in health and smoothie shops all across your city, but did you know that spirulina has been around for millennia? Many say it is one of the oldest life forms — drumroll, please! — on earth, and claim that it is the source of oxygen that allowed life forms to grow from the very beginning! Humans have, in fact, been consuming algae in their diets for centuries in Africa, and the Aztec Empire.

So, what makes the algae at the bottom of your fish tank different than what is served at stores? Well, companies like Nutrex Hawaii grow spirulina in ponds filled with fresh water, and water pumped from below the surface of the ocean. It is grown in their BioSecure Zones that are adorned with plenty of natural sunlight and moderate temperatures and then harvested and dried and sent out to stores. It can be found in capsule and powder form at almost any grocery store.

What Are The Health Benefits of Spirulina

This green powder has more protein than fish, meat, and soybeans, all essential amino acids, and the most beta-carotene out of any food, which makes it one of the few plant-based foods to be considered a ‘complete protein.’  That, along with it being chock-full of magnesium, iron, calcium and several vitamins, makes this superfood one of the best in existence.

If that isn’t enough, spirulina is a great anti-inflammatory, helps to lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol, may reduce blood pressure, can be used as a treatment for various allergies, helps to stave off cravings, and might also help to improve muscle strength and endurance. So, I guess you can say trying it is worth a shot (after you consult with your doctor, of course)!

How Do You Eat Spirulina

The thing about spirulina is it tastes, well, different. Sort of like a powder made of greens instead of a flavor profile you would think would come from the bottom of a lake. But, you get used to it pretty quickly! We think that this superfood is great in your morning smoothie, post-workout drink, or smoothie bowl.  We have also seen creative uses of spirulina in tater tots, power balls, and even pesto! So, figure out what works for your taste buds, try some new things, and get to feeling super!  If you’re in the mood for a smoothie, find a Chuze gym location with Chuze Blends, our refreshing smoothie bars, near you!

Have you tried Spirulina before? Post your thoughts in the comments below!



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