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Here’s How Group Exercise Can Help You To Stay Motivated

One way to get motivated is to have a workout buddy, or to workout in a group. That is why group exercise is so important! Find our more here.

Published: 11/5/18

Some people are incredibly self-motivated. Once they schedule a time to work out, they do it! But, for the rest of us, we need a little more motivation than that. One way to get this is to have a workout buddy, or to workout in a group. That is why group exercise is so important! It motivates gymgoers to work out on a regular basis.

Let’s Get Social

Going to a gym can be, well, scary. While we aim to create a welcoming and clean environment for all of our members, sometimes you may need even more. That is where group exercise and Team Training comes in. When you step into your favorite group class, not only are you in for a well-thought-out workout, but you are joining others who are there for the same reason! The next time you pick your spot in class, say hello to the person next to you and introduce yourself. Group exercise classes are a great way to meet new people, and have a built-in support system to help you along on your health journey!

Pre-Designed Workout

The other significant benefit of group exercise is that the workout is pre-designed by a professional. We have all had times at the gym where we show up and think, “Okay, I am going to start on the treadmill and then go over to arms.” But, when the arms part finally comes around, we can’t think of anything to do. With a coach or instructor guiding the class, not only will you know exactly what to do, but have the comfort of knowing that you are doing it right! Your instructor will be guiding the class and looking for ways to push you further or correct your form if it is off. You will come away from class knowing that you were performing the moves in the correct and most effective way.

The Opportunity to Mix Things Up

With over 20 classes at Chuze, you will never get bored. Be sure to browse our large variety of group workout classes that range from standard workouts like body sculpt class to specialized PiYo and Body Combat classes. In one week, you can try a new class in the morning and at night and never repeat an exercise. All of our classes are fit for everyone, so come in, try out a class and see what you like!


Besides having a group of people around you to encourage you and cheer you on through your workout. Group exercise simply keeps you going. Let’s face it, you are less likely to come into a class and leave in the middle of a set (though, if your body is telling you it has had enough, please listen!) and more likely to actually finish an hour at the gym. However, if you are lacking a little energy during a regular workout, you may just find your abs session turning into more of a stare-at-the-ceiling-until-you-decide-to-leave session (we’ve all been there). If you find that you are doing the latter more and more often, it might be time to start taking advantage of the group exercise accountability.

There are countless reasons why members love group exercise. The only way to find out if you do too is to give our classes and Team Training a try! Visit our website to see which one sounds the most interesting to you!

However, if you think team training is not for you, read on our in-depth blog about how to stay motivated to workout on your own.

Have you tried a class at Chuze? Let us know in the comments below!

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