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7 Best Biking Trails in Littleton, Colorado

Published: 7/17/18

When you’re looking for something to do that allows you to be active and healthy, yet still have a blast outdoors, biking and hitting the bike trails is a big winner in Littleton, Colorado. Though going to the gym is a great way to stay fit and active too, there’s something to be said about being out in nature, breathing in the fresh air, and pushing your body to perform at maximum capacity. So, here are seven of the best biking trails you can find in Littleton, Colorado.

Cathy Johnson Trail

Spanning just over 4 miles, the Cathy Johnson Trail is a short ride. Located close to Littleton in Colorado, this biking and hiking trail can accommodate people with a range of skill levels. However, more accomplished cyclists may want to take into account the fact that it is used for hiking too. Although animals are required to be on a leash, their presence can add to the challenges a biker may face navigating walkers, joggers, and fellow bikers. Fortunately, though, the trail usually doesn’t carry too much traffic.

Waterton Canyon Indian Creek Mountain Bike Trail

Measuring roughly 29 miles, the Waterton Canyon Indian Creek Mountain Bike Trail boasts a bit more traffic than the Cathy Johnson Trail. Cyclists describe it as difficult and challenging, so it is geared more towards serious cyclists. However, the combination of awesome wildflowers along with several different engaging activities, contribute to making it one of the best biking trails in Littleton, Colorado to be found.

Waterton Canyon Trail

At about 12 miles, the Waterton Canyon Trail carries a moderate amount of traffic and may be more suitable for beginners or more laid-back cyclists. The trail features a river and offers a variety of activities. Unlike most other trails that are open only during the warmer months of the year, this one is open year-round. It also accommodates horses, which opens up additional possibilities for families or groups who aren’t all cycling enthusiasts, while providing other navigational challenges for bikers. It connects to the Colorado Trail Loop which is more challenging to navigate but is still rideable and offers a great workout.

Coyote Song Trail

The Coyote Song Trail Loop is quite short, clocking in at a mere 3 miles in length. Located next to a lake just outside Littleton, this biking trail caters to many skill levels and offers a quick workout for those who are always on the go. The scenic setting makes it popular for hiking too, although dogs are required to be on a leash just like at the Cathy Johnson Trail. While this biking trail does offer different activity options, the best times to enjoy it are the months of March through October.

Meadowlark Plymouth Creek and Mountain Trail

The Meadowlark Plymouth Creek Trail Loop is a beautiful trail considered to be of moderate difficulty for cyclists. This biking trail measures just under 6 miles and features a fantastic waterfall. The loop is accessible throughout the entire year too, which, when combined with all the activity options, makes it one of the best biking trails in Littleton, Colorado. Keep mind this trail also accommodates hikers and their (leashed) dogs. This, combined with the heavy traffic, requires cyclists to be vigilant at all times.

South Valley Park

This trail spans about 8 miles with its natural and hard-top surfaces. It’s an excellent spot for beginners because the trails are flat and wide. Plus, there are great views too, which make it a plus.

Deer Creek Canyon

The Deer Creek bike trail is roughly 14 miles outside Littleton, Colorado and is chalked up as a moderately challenging ride. However, since it is a particularly scenic setting, it is quite popular despite its 30+ mile length. Cyclists need to be extra vigilant due to the presence of wildlife. However, the combination of scenery, wildlife, length, and moderate difficulty level places it squarely among one of the best biking trails in Littleton, Colorado.

As you can see, there are a variety of different biking trails to be found in Littleton, Colorado. Some may be more traffic-heavy than others, and some of them may not be open year-round, but when they are open and not too busy, they all offer great biking experiences for both beginning cyclists as well as more advanced bikers. So, pick a trail and get riding!