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The Best Places To Hike Near Chuze Fitness

Getting to the top of a mountain is a great way to get your sweat on! So, we have asked around, and have found the best hikes near our clubs.

Published: 7/16/18

“For me, a holiday is about taking a book and going to a mountain and reading.”
Sonam Kapoor

We have to agree with that quote. Getting to the top of a mountain, enjoying the view and relaxing with a good book is not only a great way to spend the day but a great way to get your sweat on while you’re at it! So, we have asked around, and have found the best hikes near our clubs!

Denver, CO

One of the most beautiful cities in the country, Denver is surrounded by gorgeous mountains that can be trekked by any level of hiker, but we tend to frequent a beauty about 25 minutes north of Denver near Boulder called Chautauqua Park. For an easy hike, you can head to the Flat Iron Loop, more moderate—The Royal Arch, or if you are up for something difficult—head to Green Mountain via Saddlerock. With many trailheads, you can revisit the park multiple times over the course of the summer and always find something new, which is one of the reasons we love this spot so much!

Difficulty: All Levels


Mills Lake is another Denver area stunner! With waterfall views and gorgeous mountains on every corner, you will be sure to love this moderate 5.3-mile hike! Free tip, take a picnic, sit by the water, and bask in all of the earth’s beauty… then tag us at #chuzefamily in your photos so that we can live vicariously through you!

Difficulty: Moderate


Inland Empire, CA

If you have ever joined our coaches on a trail, you know that we love Mount Roubidoux. Shy of a 30-minute drive from each of our Inland Empire clubs, you can find this beauty in its stately glory popping into the heavens. With multiple trailheads, this hike is suitable for anyone, and since the trails are paved, you won’t need to worry about expensive hiking shoes, just lace up your sneakers and get to walking, jogging, or—if you are brave—running up the trail that seems best for you!

Difficulty: All Levels


Looking for something a little more moderate? Hike up in a day or camp out at Big Horn Peak and Ontario Peak trails. This 12.1-mile hike will take you through beautiful pine, with a chance to see incredible wildlife. You will gain quite an elevation, so hiking experience is a must. When you get to the summit, enjoy sweeping views of the cityscape and Mount Baldy. If you aren’t quite to this level of hiking yet, set a goal and get there. Reaching this peak will reward you in more ways that you can know.

Difficulty: Moderate


Orange County

Orange county means coastal, and what better way to see the coast than a picturesque hike on El Moro Canyon Loop Trail? We’ll tell ya what—nothin. This trail climbs over eight hundred feet in elevation and boasts views of the cove. But, bring your water! This trail is hot and can be difficult because there really isn’t much shade.

Difficulty: Moderate


Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim is sure to please the whole family. This center has trailheads that are good for brand new hikers, and folks looking just to have a short trek through the wilderness. With streams flowing through the park, it is a lovely setting for any length of a walk.

Difficulty: Easy


San Diego, CA

If you want to be blown away by views, Torrey Pines is for you. Enjoy a leisurely hike up the mountain and then walk back down to the beach. Here you can enjoy almost a private oasis to dip your feet in. When you are done enjoying the view, walk back either up the mountain or on the sand to your parking spot. This spot is perfect for the whole family and Instagram.

Difficulty: Easy


Cowles Mountain is a well-known trail in San Diego and for a good reason. While the trail is mainly brown, the views are definitely something to see. On a clear day, you can see Mexico, ocean views, and all of the way north to Carlsbad, CA. If you have done this hike ten too many times, try the Barker entrance. The hike up is a little more steep, with a lot more in terms of switchbacks and could be a refreshing change to your Cowles Mountain routine.

Difficulty: Moderate


Tucson, AZ

Most people get their hikes in at the west end of Saguaro National Park, but we have taken fancy to the east. The eastern end of Saguaro has seven different trails that intersect, so you can mix and match depending on the level of difficulty you are looking for and loop right back to your car. Dogs and horses are also allowed on this end, which makes for an inspiring day out.

Difficulty: Beginner


Sabino Canyon is another desert treasure. When the stream is running from winter’s snow, this trail is genuinely magical. This trail is suitable for beginners, and many people make it a part of their weekly routine.

Difficulty: Beginner

We are lucky to be surrounded by amazing nature, and parks that allow us to explore it. Do you have a favorite hike that we need to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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