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At-Home Workouts

Can an At-Home Workout Help You Build Muscle?

Can an at-home workout help you to build muscle? Of course! We dive into the details on todays blog.

Published: 10/12/20

Can an At-Home Workout Help You Build Muscle?

When you are used to workouts in the gym, it can be hard to imagine gaining the same level of fitness outside of it. But, that level of fitness is completely possible. Before you can achieve your goals, though, it is important to ask the essential questions like, can you use at-home workouts to build muscle? And, luckily, we are here to address just that. 

Do Home Workouts Help To Build Muscle?

Workout At Home Distractions

Of course you can build muscle at home. But, within this idea lies the struggles of working out from home. In a gym, your television, kids, and—maybe the most tempting thing of all—your couch are not within arms reach. But, during a home workout, they are. You may be interrupted by your family and friends, or a compelling idea to watch that one new Netflix series everyone’s been talking about. So, it takes an extra level of self-control to take time out of your day to focus on self-care. 

It Starts In The Kitchen

Being at home, though, does not mean you cannot gain muscle. Muscle gain depends on your home regardless of where you work out because muscle gain starts in your kitchen. Eating more protein, carbs, and keeping a sufficient amount of fats in your healthy diet will set you on the right path toward increased strength.

Consistency is Key

As with anything, building muscle takes time. Just because you don’t see results for a few weeks doesn’t mean that your efforts are failing. It may take a beat for your body to adjust, but by strength training consistently, results are sure to come. One study published in the Journal of Sports Science looked at information from 15 different studies and found that each workout (additional set) was associated with an increase in muscle size. Though other studies have shown mixed results, by working out at home, increasing the number of times you exercise can be easier. After you let your kids down for bed, or before you and your roommate start cooking, you can get a set in without leaving the confines of your home. Sometimes, removing barriers to your workouts is just what you need to make more progress.

Can You Gain Muscle At Home Without Any Equipment?

Your home gym doesn’t have to look like the inside of a country club. In fact, it will be just as effective if it looks like your living room or the foot of your bed. The equipment you need for a fantastic home exercise is a little bit of space, and your body. A lot of HIIT (High Energy Interval Training) classes, even in the gym, only require your body weight. And that’s because your body is your most compact and versatile gym equipment. Yoga exercises, running, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, burpees (arguably the most effective workout of all time), tricep dips, and the like are some of the best workouts to do at home to build muscle. All of these help to keep you healthy and strong. So, you can gain muscle at home without any equipment. And, we have resources to help you do just that.

At-Home Workout Equipment

But, if you have a passion for weightlifting, or prefer workouts with equipment, you can have a fairly robust gym in a compact space. With running, biking, hiking, swimming, and similar exercises giving ample outdoor opportunities for cardio, for great muscle building workouts at home you only need a few things. We’ve made the essentials easy to find with our Discounted At-Home Workout Bundle which includes a yoga mat, workout towel, and thermal bottle. We also recommend investing in a dumbbell set or kettlebells, jump rope, and heart rate monitor. If you have been following the #ChuzeMovement on social media, you will see that our members have been getting extra-creative with their equipment. We have seen ingenuity within the Chuze Family by use of water bottles, wine, pets, bags of salt, friends, and more to create resistance workouts to gain muscle at home. They have truly taught us that our only limit is our creativity, and you don’t have to have a top-of-the-line dumbbell set to get in a fantastic workout.

The Best At-Home Workouts Online

For many of us, creating and then implementing a workout routine is difficult because we don’t have the foundation to do so. That is why we have created iChuze Fitness. This virtual platform allows you to choose at-home strength exercises with and without equipment, highlights our most popular Group Exercise workouts and Team Training sessions, and even offers up advice for self-care. So, even if you are a beginner, you can be confident knowing that there is something for you. To have a successful health and wellness routine, it is not only important to work on your Body, but your Mind and Heart as well. And, we want to help you with just that. Along with premium fitness content suitable for any strength routine, you can enjoy guided meditations and even give back to the community by pledging to join the Heart initiatives. So, as you search for your strength training workout, or work on your daily gratitude, we will be there for you. Check out iChuze Fitness for more information.

You can work out with state-of-the-art gym equipment at any of our locations. Our pristine clubs are welcoming, fun, and there to assist you on your health and wellness journey. Most importantly, our team is here for you whether you are in your homes, or in our clubs, and we cannot wait to see you succeed on your fitness journey. You can try our virtual fitness platform, iChuze Fitness, for 7 days for free—visit our website for more details

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