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The Ultimate Guide to Westminster Colorado

Here at Chuze Westminster, we feel lucky to be a part of a beautiful Colorado town and community. Many people visit Colorado to see sprawling mountain views and experience the unique draw of life in Colorado. While there are more well-known parts of Colorado, like its capital Denver, there are many other unique places in Colorado that are beautiful and worth visiting. If you find yourself visiting Colorado, one city you may want to add to your list is Westminster. Westminster, Colorado is a northwest suburb of Denver. The town of Westminster is bordered to the north by Broomfield, to the northeast by Thornton, to the east by Northglenn and Federal Heights, and to the southwest by Berkley, Twin Lakes, and Sherrelwood, and to the south by Arvada. If you are considering visiting Westminster, Colorado, it is best to research things to do in Westminster, CO before embarking on your adventure. To help you have a wonderful time visiting Westminster, we have put together an informational guide that highlights Westminster, Colorado restaurants, nearby attraction to visit with your family, and the best Westminster, Colorado parks to add to your to-do list. Below are a handful of the top activities and attractions to add to your itinerary when visiting Westminster, Colorado.

Enjoy Local Restaurants and Beer

One of the best parts of visiting somewhere new is being able to partake in the local food culture and experience new restaurants that are outside of your usual sphere. In Westminster, Colorado, there are many local restaurants that visitors enjoy. If you are looking for an excellent breakfast, check out Early Bird Restaurant. To enjoy some of the local beer, check out Westminster Brewing Company, Frolic Brewing, or Kokopelli Beer Company. If you are looking for tips to stay healthy when eating out, check out our article about how to make healthy choices at restaurants.

Visit the Butterfly Pavilion

The Butterfly Pavilion is a family-friendly activity that will have every family member enjoying their time. The Butter Pavilion is an association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited non-profit invertebrate zoo home. It is home to thousands of animals and insects from all over the world including over 1,600 free-flying butterflies, beetles, spiders, sea stars, and bees. One of the goals of the Butterfly Pavilion is to encourage individuals to appreciate and respect invertebrates. The Butterfly Pavilion focuses on educating the public about the care and protection that animals and habitats around the world need to continue to thrive. Also, the Butterfly Pavilion performs research to develop a variety of solutions to help promote invertebrate conservation.

The Butterfly Pavilion offers five exhibit areas for visitors to enjoy, which includes outdoor gardens and a nature trail, as well as four indoor exhibit halls. Crawl-A-See-Em is one of these exhibit halls and is home to Rosie the tarantula, leaf insects, scorpions, beetles, and giant millipedes. In the Water’s Edge exhibit hall, you will be able to witness marine invertebrates, including shrimp, enormous squid, horseshoe crabs, sea stars, and hermit crabs. In the Wings of the Tropics exhibit hall, you will be able to witness a lush tropical conservatory that is aflutter with 16,00 butterflies from all over the world. In addition to these incredible exhibits, there are many other offerings at the Butterfly Pavilion. If you are visiting Westminster, Colorado, the Butterfly Pavilion is a must-see.

Spend a Day at Standley Lake Regional Park

If you are visiting Colorado, it is likely you will want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. In Westminster, Colorado, one of the best places to experience Mother Nature is at Standley Lake Regional Park. Standley Lake is Westminster’s most extensive body of water with a surface area of over 1,063 acres. Standley Lake also supplies the drinking water for Westminster, Northglenn, and Thornton. At Standley Lake Regional Park, you can enjoy a variety of different outdoor activities, including hiking, bicycling, camping, wildlife viewing, fishing, power boating (which requires a permit), and paddling. One of the most popular trails to utilize is Big Dry Creek Trail. With one endpoint at Standley Lake Regional Park and another at Interstate 25, Big Dry Creek Trail offers visitors a twelve mile stretch of relatively flat trail with a few moderate grades.