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Small Changes That Make a Big Impact for Your Health

Published: 1/22/18

It can be daunting to change course or adopt healthy habits in life. But, as with anything, moderation is key. By taking baby steps in the right direction, the course will become easier for you, and you can add other options for healthier living as you progress. Why not start with a few small changes that are easy to incorporate into your life today?

Drink More Water

We’ve heard this one forever now, but it bears repeating. Put down the soda and swap it out for good ol’ H2O. Your addiction to sugary soft drinks aside, water keeps us hydrated and can make us feel fuller as well. This means you’re less likely to binge on food you don’t really need. Water is also essential to life: It promotes healthier kidney function, flushes out toxins, smooths our skin… the list goes on.

Don’t Shop on an Empty Stomach

Nobody like the crowds or the lines at grocery stores right after work and just before dinner. But, this is also a terrible time to shop because you’re probably leaning toward hungry anyway. We tend to make poor choices at the grocery store when we’re hungry because we’re drawn to colorful packaging (processed foods!) and by impulse rather than smart choices.

Take the Stairs

Life is all about choices. If there’s an elevator or a set of stairs, which do you opt for? Be honest. This is not going to shed three dress sizes after a week of activity, but if this one little change becomes a habit in your life it could help you live longer and burn a boatload of calories over your lifetime.

Woman taking the stairs. Small lifestyle change for a healthier life.

Say No to Added Sugar

We’re not telling you to avoid fruit, or naturally-occurring sugars. Sure, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should limit these sugars, too, but the real culprit is added sugar. And, added sugar is added to, well, just about everything! Be aware of what you put in your body, read packaging, and cut out the processed Frankenfood!

Cut Down on Dairy

If the idea of living without cheese is going to throw you into a state of despair, don’t cut it out of your life entirely. Just try to limit how much dairy you ingest in the form of milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream (oh no!), etc. because when you do, this choice can make you feel better and look better.

Pack a Lunch

When we eat out, we tend to indulge. Even if you order a salad while your colleagues indulge in burgers and burritos, you might pile on a fat-dense dressing with aplomb and devour limitless breadsticks to soothe your sads. Planning your lunch ahead of time—at home—gives you control over what you’re going to put in your body each day, and your choices are nearly limitless.

Healthy packed lunch, salad with grapes on the side.

Use Smaller Dinner Plates

You wanted a reason to go to Pottery Barn anyway, didn’t you? Go out and shop! But yourself a new set of dishes that will delight. Yes, dear readers, it’s all about tricking your brain! If you are looking to cut back on your calories, you can simply switch out the size of the dinner plate you eat from, and science says it can work.

There are many ways to adjust your lifestyle and become healthier in the meantime. Try one of these tips for 21 days, make it a habit, and then add on another. By the end of the year you will be looking and—more importantly—feeling like a million bucks!