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Beautify Your Phone With These Self-Care Wallpapers

Self-care isn’t selfish, and sometimes we need that reminder. That’s why we’ve created these self-care illustrations for your phone. Check out our cell phone wallpapers here!

Published: 9/27/19

Beautify Your Phone With These Self-Care Wallpapers

According to a study by Locket in 2013, the average person checks their phone 110 times per day. One. hundred. and. ten. times. per. day. Chances are, that number has risen somewhat significantly over the past several years. Many of us rely on our devices as a means to work, and all of us use them to stay in contact with our loved ones and peers (they are phones, after all). And while we hope that all of us can learn to disconnect a little more often to focus in on self-care, for those moments where we do need to check our devices, let’s make them a little brighter. 

Here are four self-care wallpapers to add to your phone screen. Just hold down on the image and save and then upload it to your screensaver. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4. Let’s make those 110 moments a little more beautiful! 

1 | A wallpaper to help you learn to celebrate small victories.

2 | A wallpaper to remind you that self-care is the least selfish thing you can do.

3 | This screensaver to help you see how lovable you really are.

4 | Finally, a background that tells you to be patient with yourself because—let’s face it—we all need that reminder.

If you need a little more self-care motivation, check out our self-care page where you can find resources on relaxing yoga poses, meditation, team member tips, self-care quotes from our community, and much more!

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