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Is Hydromassage Good for Back Pain?

So, is hydromassage good for back pain? Find out everything you need to know here in our latest blog post!

Published: 2/18/19


Is Hydromassage Good for Back Pain?

According to the National Institue Of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, at least 80 percent of all Americans will suffer from back pain in their lifetime.  In fact, back pain is as equally as common in males as it is in females. The severity of back pain can range from an uncomfortable feeling in your lower and/or upper back, to excruciating and debilitating pain. The good news is many back problems can be resolved by using relatively simple techniques and taking it easy for a few weeks.

What Causes Back Pain?

While there are several causes for back pain including inflammation, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, and the like — back pain may also be experienced when over-working yourself with an exercise program, or simply using muscles that have not been used in some time. If you find that you are just experiencing discomfort due to working with new muscles, some simple therapy can help. Some back pain is fairly common for gym-goers. Your back plays a vital role in almost every single movement you make, from twisting in your chair to look behind you to lifting up your groceries to put them in the car. Someone who sits at a desk for their job, has bad posture, or sits for extended periods of time could experience back pain as well.

Is HydroMassage Good For Back Pain?

The short answer is—yes. HydroMassage therapy is good for minor aches and pains that may result after a workout. Massages, in general, are a non-invasive therapy and tend to pose a minimal risk when used to help with back pain relief. On top of that, the HydroMassage beds specifically can be set to the level of pressure that you want to feel. So, if you just need to experience a soothing water massage to ease discomfort in your muscles after a workout, set your bed to be at a lower pressure setting and let the healing begin. Using the HydroMassage bed can help to increase blood flow and circulation, decrease tension, and help you to feel relaxed overall. The HydroMassage website has several testimonials from people have used their beds in various doctor’s offices and gyms across the country. Here is a testimonial straight from their site:

“I have lived with chronic back pain for over 15 years caused by bulging herniated discs along with sciatica down my right leg. I have excruciating pain 24 hours a day and do not sleep at night because of the pain. I have had four back surgeries and countless sessions of steroid and pain block injections.

In 2009 I heard of the HydroMassage bed being used by a doctor in North Carolina as a relief for back pain. I made an appointment and the relief I received after a fifteen-minute session was unbelievable! For the first time in years, I felt like I could run and jump and most of all be NORMAL! The relief lasted several hours. ”

-Bud Chase, HydroMassage User

This HydroMassage user experienced great results at his doctor’s office in North Carolina, and several of our members rave about their experience in using the HydroMassage beds on a regular basis. Just check out this Twitter feed!

Benefits of Using HydroMassage for Back Pain

One significant benefit of using HydroMassage for back pain is the availability. At Chuze Fitness, you can visit the HydroMassage lounge every time that you come into the gym. So, making it a part of your weekly or even daily routine is simple. HydroMassage is also much quicker than a traditional massage. Instead of booking an hour with your masseuse, you will be able to gain many of the same benefits of a regular massage in just 10 minutes—all while remaining fully clothed, and enjoying a book, game, or whatever is playing on your screen.

If you are experiencing severe back pain, it is essential to contact your physician and do research to make sure no lab tests are needed.

If you are interested in HydroMassage, stop by the front desk, or your gym’s kiosk to queue up your HydroMassage bed on your next visit to the gym! Considering the benefits of this therapy, it’s just one of the many perks available to those with gym memberships at our facilities. Check out the locations below to experience this relaxing therapy.




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Have you tried using HydroMassage to help with your minor aches and pains? Let us know in the comments below!

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