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HydroMassage vs. Regular Massage

Interested in learning the difference between a hydromassage vs a regular massage? Find out everything you need to know here!

Published: 2/8/19


HydroMassage vs. Regular Massage: What’s the Difference?

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years, with written records in China and Egypt found as early as 2700 BCE (that’s over 4,500 years ago, folks!),  and is one of the most popular forms of holistic medicine in the world. In massage therapy, pressure is used on muscles and tissues to reduce tension and pain in the body. This can be done in several ways, whether you are at a masseuse, using a massage chair, or the like! Today we are uncovering the difference between two popular forms of massage therapy, HydroMassage, and regular massage.

HydroMassage vs. Regular Massage

When going to see a massage therapist for a regular massage – which could include a Swedish massage, shiatsu, hot stone, sports massage, Thai massage, deep tissue, and other popular practices – your masseuse will talk to you about the different areas of your body that are bothering you, what parts of the body to avoid, and what sort of pressure that you prefer for optimal pain relief. Afterward, you will be left alone to remove your clothing and lie down face first on the massage bed underneath the provided drape. Once you are ready, your masseuse will begin to work on the areas discussed. During this time you can ask your masseuse to apply more pressure, ease up, or even focus on a different area. While regular massages are a wonderful form of holistic therapy, they can be time-consuming with sessions lasting from 30 to 120 minutes.

In contrast, a HydroMassage bed (or lounge chair) contains pressurized jets that move up and down your body to give you a relaxing, dry, water massage, also known as hydrotherapy. One of the significant benefits of this bed is that it keeps you completely dry with its waterproof cover. You can head to the HydroMassage lounge right after your workout, lay or sit down fully clothed, and use the screen or remote to completely customize your massage. So, each and every HydroMassage experience works on the areas that you need it to. The sessions last for about 10 minutes (varies by location) and allow you to enjoy a book, game, or whatever is playing on the screen. HydroMassage is also a mere fraction of the cost of a regular massage with the average regular massage costing $60 an hour, and HydroMassage generally being included in a membership that you already own. At Chuze Fitness, you can enjoy unlimited HydroMassage with the Premium and More memberships, which are as low as $20 a month and give you access to tons of other amenities as well.

The Benefits of Massage

Soothe Minor Aches and Pains

There are many therapeutic benefits of massages, and both the traditional massage and HydroMassage are highly effective at soothing minor aches and pains. Simply ask for a relaxing therapeutic massage from your masseuse, and let them know where your trouble areas are. If you are using the HydroMassage bed, you can adjust the pressure of your bed in order to really dig into, or lightly rub on areas of your body that have muscle tension. Soothing aching muscles not only feels oh-so-good but can also put you on track to a quick recovery, getting you into the gym faster than you would if you were to just rest it out.

Combats Stress and Anxiety

You can enjoy total rest and relaxation in the HydroMassage lounges at Chuze Fitness. When we work out a lot or hold onto general stresses from life, it can cause our bodies to hold tension. Allowing the HydroMassage bed to knead at tense areas in the body can help provide stress relief and leave you feeling less anxious overall. Regular massages are also known to leave people feeling euphoric and completely relaxed after a session.

Improves Blood Circulation

People with poor circulation often suffer from cold hands and feet, and sore muscles from the build-up of lactic acid due to the lack of oxygen in their muscles. Pressure from a regular massage and HydroMassage bed help to increase blood flow through places that are otherwise congested, which brings oxygen to the depleted areas, leaving you feeling warmer and more refreshed.

So, Which is Best?

Both HydroMassage and regular massage are wonderful ways to get your body feeling better than ever. What it really comes down to is time constraints, what makes you feel comfortable, and your budget. Some people may choose to do both! There is nothing wrong with regular visits to your masseuse and supplementing them with frequenting the HydroMassage lounge.

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Do you use the HydroMassage lounge? If so, what benefits have you enjoyed? Let us know in the comments below!

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