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Gyms with Tanning Beds – Why Choose Them?

Gyms with Tanning BedsWhen you are looking for a gym to join, deciding what you want out of your membership is a good place to start. Most gyms offer plenty of fitness equipment and other amenities to their members – sometimes including tanning beds that allow you to tan as frequently as state laws permit. Whether you are someone who tans regularly or you have only pondered about visiting a tanning salon, there are several compelling reasons to select gyms with tanning beds:

Save Money

For most individuals, the cost of a membership is going to play an important role in the decision to join. If you are thinking about getting a membership at a tanning salon, you are probably looking at paying at least $20 for as little as one tanning session a month. Prices rise as you look at higher level tanning beds or more sessions per month, and if you are a frequent tanner, you could be looking at well over $50 a month for the tanning experience you want.

You can easily find gym memberships that include the use of tanning beds, with costs that are comparable, or even lower, than these single-purpose tanning salons. If you are interested in both getting fit and looking great in your swimsuit when you hit the beach, it only makes sense to find a gym with tanning that can conveniently offer you both benefits at once.


In fact, even if you are not so interested in working out, it can make sense to go with a gym membership anyway. While most tanning salon memberships are going to limit the number of times you can tan in a month, the beds in your gym are available to you whenever you want them. You do not have to worry about making an appointment or whether you have already used up your allotted sessions for the month.

Having fitness equipment and tanning beds available to you in one location also makes it easier to fit both into your schedule. It can be hard to work up the motivation to go to the gym some days, but if you are at the gym to work on your tan, it might be easier to do a few circuits on the machines or take a group class while you are there.

Tan Safely

Like natural sunlight, tanning beds emit both UVA and UVB rays. Exposure to these ultraviolet rays have been linked to an increased risk for developing skin cancer. You also risk getting sunburned if you tan too frequently or for long periods of time. So, while you are enjoying unlimited use of your gym with tannin, be sure to tan responsibly by not spending too long in the bed and by not tanning too often. To ensure ultimate safety, be sure to check your state’s laws in regards to how often you can tan. Also, always use protective eyewear while tanning to prevent eye damage.

Gyms with tanning beds can help you look healthier and be healthier, while also letting you avoid the high cost of tanning salons and giving yourself that little extra motivation to squeeze in a workout. If you want that perfect tanned look before get into your swimsuit this summer, choose a gym with tanning services and save yourself time and money.