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Group Exercise vs Individual Exercise

What’s the difference between group exercise and individual exercise? We’ve got the answer to this question and more here!

Published: 4/25/19


Group Exercise vs Individual Exercise: What’s the Difference?

Exercising is a very personal thing. Some people may prefer to meet up with the same gym buddy every single time, some like to join in on a group exercise class, and some people want to use their workout as alone time. While a group body sculpt class can provide similar benefits to doing the same exercises alone, there are some key differences… but mainly it comes down to your preference. The best option is the one that you enjoy doing! But, let’s take a look at the fundamental differences between group exercise versus individual exercise.

Benefits of Working Out In a Group


One of the many benefits of group exercise is accountability. When you find the perfect classes for your workout routine, you won’t want to miss them! With classes having a specific start and end time, it keeps you accountable.  Most studios close their doors after class begins so being late means that you could miss your entire workout. This is a good thing. It keeps you accountable to get to your workout on time and then stay for the whole class. You will be less likely to leave in the middle of your workout if you are in a group of peers who are there to finish a 30 to 60-minute long workout together.


It may be daunting at first to see people in a group fitness class who all look like they know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t let this intimidate you. Instead, know that they were right where you are when they started, unsure of the moves and probably a little stressed out. However, after just a few times of going to a class, you will get used to how it works, and you will improve every single time. Everybody starts somewhere, and your instructor will be there to help you get the hang of specific movements and even correct your form when needed. Group exercise can help you stay motivated while keeping you accountable. It’s like a super friendly motivational coach/personal trainer wrapped into one, much more affordable, package. We have the cream of the crop when it comes to Group Exercise Instructors and Coaches. It’s extremely easy to make group exercise a part of your routine.

Making Friends

A group exercise class is a perfect place to be social and potentially meet and make new lifelong friends–which is especially beneficial for seniors. Everyone is in this class for the same reason: to stay healthy—so, you immediately already have a common goal to relate to. Once you find your favorite class, you will more than likely notice some of the same people also attending every week. A slight nod hello could turn into a full-blown bestie friendship.

Benefits of Working Out Alone

Alone Time

Some of us spend all day at our workplace surrounded by people who need something from us, followed by an evening of taking care of our loved ones or hanging out with our roommates. So, alone time at the gym can be a bit of a mental break from having to be “on,” a time where you can hone in on your workout and forget about any stress that surrounds you. For that reason, many gym-goers prefer to work out alone.

Go at any time

While Group Exercise classes offer accountability with set times to show up, some people need to work out at odd hours due to their personal schedules. Beyond that, waiting on a friend to show up at the time you agreed on doesn’t make the workout more enjoyable. Working out alone allows you to workout on your own schedule, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else.

Work Out The Way You Want To

A significant benefit of working out alone is that you can customize the workout to fit your individual needs. Of course, we are not saying that group fitness is not customizable—it is. Every single class can cater to all levels and has moderations to suit your needs whether you need something more difficult, a little easier, or need to avoid an area of your body. But by working out alone, you can focus on whatever part of the body you are feeling that day. Maybe you’ve been hunched over at your computer at work, so you need to start with some yoga but want to work out your legs right after. You can do whatever you need to do to make you feel the best that you can. And that is pretty darn great if you ask us!

So, which is better? They are equal, friends! Just do what feels right to you. The important part is that you set goals and you reach them. If attending group workouts is what is going to get you there, we would love to see you at any of our locations to find a class that fits you. If you need some “me time”, we got ya covered! Bring your favorite tunes, or listen to the ones we have playing through the club. We can’t wait to follow along on your journey and see how far you and your training go!

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