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A Look Into The Popular Exercise, Zumba

You don’t have to be a dancer to join in on a Zumba Class. Learn more as we look into the exercise and get access to our popular class on iChuze Fitness.

Published: 8/23/21

A Look Into The Popular Exercise, Zumba: And Access To Our Most Popular Class On iChuze Fitness!

You’ve seen it at our clubs, in parks across the country, and online, but have you tried it? We are talking about Zumba: the Latin dance class that gets your heart rate up and puts some fun into fitness. Today, we want to talk about Zumba class and its benefits. We’re also giving you access to one of our favorite virtual Zumba classes.

What is Zumba?

This class is f-u-n, it’s hard to believe it was created by accident! Luckily, in 1999, the creator, Beto Perez, forgot his music for the class he was supposed to lead in Colombia. So instead of his original plans, he switched things up and taught a dance fitness class with the Latin music he had on hand. The class ended up being a blast, and so, Zumba was born. Today Zumba has a steady following and calls on dance-loving fitness goers across 185 countries! We are lucky to have some of the best Zumba instructors right here at Chuze, and they can be found at all of our locations and on iChuze Fitness

What Kind of Exercise Is Zumba?

As we hinted above, Zumba is all about dance. But you don’t have to be a dancer or even have rhythm to join in. (Breaking the third wall here—hello, as someone with no rhythm, I can attest to this.) In fact, Zumba allows you to have fun while moving. It is also considered an interval workout. As you move and groove through the class, your instructor will lead you through high- and low-intensity dances. A study by Ace even found that the average person burns 369 calories per class, making Zumba just as effective as it is fun.

What Age Is Zumba Suitable For?

While the benefits of Zumba have a wide range, one of our favorites is that it is suitable for any age. All it requires is the willingness to shimmy and shake and know your limits. So, if you’ve got a few kiddos who need to get their energy out or want to have a fun night with your entire extended family, you can pop a Zumba class up on your screen and go!

What Are The Benefits of Zumba?

There are a myriad of benefits when it comes to Zumba from the fun and socialization alone. But, if you are looking for something more, Zumba will help you with your endurance, heart health, and calorie burn! Plus, every instructor is Zumba certified. So, you know you are getting a quality workout with anyone you choose to groove with.

Should You Try Zumba?

Let’s keep this short and sweet with a resounding, “Yes!” However, as with any exercise, if you have heart problems, joint pain, back problems, are a senior, or have other health issues, consult with your physician before dancing your way into a class. 

Zumba, however, is meant to meet you at your fitness level. So, if you feel like the workout is getting too intense for you, you can always slow it down or cater the movements to your comfort level. In class, your instructor can give you a low-intensity option, so you don’t miss out at all.

Our Most Popular Virtual Class

If you want to give this class a try, we recommend hopping into our most popular iChuze class, Zumba with Xanny. iChuze is our online class database, where we have virtual fitness classes available anywhere with the click of a button. This class is taught in both Spanish and English, making it more accessible to our members, and is full of fun and fluid movement. Grab your friends, your family, and get ready to move to the music with our incredible team. You can download a free 7-day pass to access our full library of workouts, meditations, yoga, and more, or click the image below!

A Zumba Class on the virtual fitness platform iChuze Fitness

The most important thing for any workout is to enjoy it. Remember to keep proper form, hydrate, take breaks when you need them, and try new things! You may be surprised which exercises are fun for you. Our team is here in-club and virtually to help you build a well-rounded wellness routine.

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