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7 Row Machine Benefits

There are many benefits to using the row machine, but what are they exactly? Check out our 7 favorite row machine benefits here!

Published: 7/29/19

7 Row Machine Benefits

We absolutely love the rowing machine, which is why you can find it in some of our Team Training sessions, and every one of our locations. But, since the machine is not as widely known as the treadmill and other cardio machines, it can sometimes be found vacant on the cardio floor. We wanted to let you in on some of the rowing exercise benefits and hopefully motivate you to try this fantastic machine the next time you are in the gym. 

1 | Upper Body Workout

Not many cardio exercise machines can also give you a great upper body workout, and the rowing machine is one of the best at doing so. Rowing works your upper body because your back, shoulders, arms, and chest are all engaged through each full rowing movement, especially during the drive, and the recovery. After a few weeks of rowing, you should notice your arms, shoulders, and back, looking and feeling stronger than before. The upper body workout is one of the most significant rowing cardiovascular fitness benefits, and one of the reasons we gush over this machine. 

2 | Core Workout

Want to rock a six pack or simply feel better about your core overall? The rowing machine is the perfect workout for that. Throughout your row, you must keep your core engaged. Keeping your core engaged is essential for proper form when rowing. It doesn’t only benefit the front of your body, though—the area of our body most of us think of when engaging the core—the back of your body will also reap the benefits of a toned core. 

3 | Low Impact

The impact of a workout generally occurs when a part of your body leaves the ground or machine, and then hits it again. Plyometrics is an excellent example of this. Jumping up and down causes a lot of impact on your knees and joints — some of that is good and helps to build strength — but it is essential to mix in low-impact training as well to balance out your gym routine. During a row, because your feet are not leaving the pads and then hitting them again, there is almost no impact on your knees and joints. This is a great machine to use on the days where you need to give your body a bit of a rest but still want a highly-effective cardio workout. Don’t let the term low-impact exercise fool you. You won’t be lacking in sweat by the time you finish. 

4 | Assists in Running

Cross-training helps many athletes achieve their fitness goals. By getting into rowing as an exercise, you will increase your endurance, and strengthen muscles that running alone doesn’t build. The rowing machine uses several different muscle groups at once, which is one of its most significant rowing machine benefits. Strengthening them will make you a better athlete overall. When rowing is done with proper form, it also helps to create a better posture, which many runners and cyclists struggle to maintain. 

5 | Helps with Flexibility

Since you start with your knees near your chest and then push back with your legs, you are working on the flexibility within your hip flexors. Hip flexors are an area that can get pretty tight through conventional training. When you complete a row with proper form, it will benefit that area of the body. The rowing machine benefits your flexibility. If you have a hip injury, talk to your doctor to see if working out on a rowing machine is right for you. 

6 | Heart Health 

As with any cardiovascular exercise, the rowing machine is excellent for heart health. This workout gets your heart pumping. Getting your heart to pump more improves the oxygen flow throughout your body,  which makes your heart stronger overall — This is one of the reasons why. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes a week of mild aerobic workout, and the rower is a great way to get that fit into your schedule.

7 | It’s fun! 

The rowing machine offers something different than walking, running, and cycling. For some of us, we have never even paddled a canoe before, and for those of us who have, imagining you are out on the water paddling away is a fun way to complete a workout. The whoosh of the water in the machine and the movement you make can make you feel like you are on a rowing team trying to beat out the competition. With the various ways of calculating your progress through timing, distance, and speed, you will also find fun ways to stay on track, making this a perfect exercise for beginners and athletes alike.

If you want to try out rowing, stop into any of our locations or a Team Training session to learn more. In some Team Training sessions, our Coaches guide you through a rowing exercise and help to correct your form and motivate you to push yourself to your limit. Inquire at the front desk to find out more. We want you to enjoy all of these exercise benefits of rowing machines. 

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