7 Best Hiking Trails in Westminster, Colorado

Even though we’re all about getting a good workout at the gym, there is definitely something to be said about the physical and mental benefits of hiking in the great outdoors. Hiking, along with many other outdoor activities, is highly prevalent in places with great views, and hiking in Westminster, Co is no different. Whether you like to hike alone, with a friend, or with a crowd, you are sure to find a trail to fit your needs. With that said, here are seven of the best trails in Westminster, Colorado to hike next, in no particular order of importance.

Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail

The Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail spans 13 miles, with endpoints at Standley Lake and East Thornton. The name comes from the irrigation canal which dictates the trail path, flowing through both commercial and residential portions of Westminster. The hiking trail passes by many parks and open spaces along the way. Partially paved, it offers a relatively easy hike along a scenic route that is great for a laid-back stroll with a friend.

Big Dry Creek Trail

The Big Dry Creek hiking trail spans a little over 12 miles and attracts a moderate amount of traffic. The point-to-point path is close to a lake and is accessible throughout the year. Dog owners may bring their pets, as long as they are on-leash. A selection of activity options is available as well. What makes this trail popular is the combination of scenery, wildlife, and the various connector trails it provides access to, especially for sport and hiking enthusiasts who like a good workout.

Little Dry Creek Trail

The Little Dry Creek hiking trail can be found towards the south of Westminster. With its starting point close to Standley Lake, it eventually merges with the Clear Creek hiking trail. This merge, in turn, allows a connection with the South Platte River hiking trail, which goes all the way to downtown Denver. Therefore, taking this hiking trail in Westminster allows you to take a short hike, or a long one, depending on your route. You will often cross streets as well, as it winds through both commercial and residential areas, making it a busy and popular trail to hike.

Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail

The Rocky Mountain Greenway hiking trail is currently a work in progress. They have started creating a path that spans roughly 25 miles, but eventually, it will be much longer. It is partially paved and also serves as an interconnection route to various other trails nearby. The Rocky Mountain Greenway passes through different areas and surroundings, each with its unique scenery. Some sections even boast wildlife sightings, which is fun for those who like that sort of thing.

Lake Arbor Trail

The Lake Arbor hiking trail is short, stretching just over a mile. This loop trail is suitable for users of any skill level. Dogs are welcome, as long as the owner keeps it leashed. The path is accessible throughout the year, and the combination of bird life and awesome wildflowers make it very popular for nature enthusiasts.

Jim Baker Reservoir Trail

The Jim Baker Reservoir hiking trail is also short, spanning less than one and a half miles. Encircling the lake, it is accessible by people of any skill level, and the trail is unpaved, making it a much more excellent walking experience. While the scenery is not spectacular, the serenity of the lake and the birdlife makes it reasonably attractive. It is also a hit with dog owners, even though their pets have to be on a leash.

South Standley Lake Trail Loop

The South Standley Lake hiking trail is a narrow loop on the southern side of Lake Standley which lies towards the NW side of Westminster. Relatively lightly trafficked, it is popular among hikers, birdwatchers, and fishers alike. It’s also easy to walk that spans only a little more than 3 miles, which makes it accessible and attractive to hikers of all skill levels, but mainly those new to hiking.

There you have it. Seven of the best Westminster hiking trails in Colorado that you can find. They range from easy to challenging, as well as quiet to busy. Regardless, they offer a little something for hikers and outdoor lovers of all skill levels and interests. Now, time to hike!