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2015 Fitness Trends: Are They Worth a Try?

Published: 7/6/15

Fitness trends for 2015 will have you moving more, tracking your fitness more consistently (and easily), and doing it all in fitness classes rather than at home in front of your television screen. The fitness trends for this year include using more technology to track and improve fitness workouts while also getting social about it all – from using apps to get a group of people together to work out. Take a look at some of these trends and whether or not they will benefit your workout.


Streaming Services

One of the biggest trends for 2015 focuses on streaming workout videos and classes. You can now take a class over your smartphone, if you choose, or connect with your tablet computer. Subscription-based programs will have you stretching and flexing with people around the world. You’ll also find that these programs provide better access to top-rated “stars” who offer training videos. However, you’ll want to be careful with this trend. If you have some basic fitness knowledge, it can work well. On the other hand, going to a class and interacting with your instructor is simply the better option – especially for beginners.


Bodyweight Programs

Body-weight programs, such as using sit-ups and push-ups as a component of your workout, are quite trendy this year. These workouts are not new (you likely even did them in gym class when you were a kid). However, they are gaining a lot of attention from fitness professionals. It is especially useful for those who are just starting out with strength training and who do not wish to buy a lot of equipment to do so. If you take this type of class, ensure that it offers increased intensity workouts and weight-based exercises so that you continue to see the benefit.


Yoga – In New Forms

Yoga is still one of the most popular fitness trends for the year, but now with a bit of added versatility. For example, aerial yoga, in which you use a hammock or another type of fabric and hang in various positions, is becoming quite popular. You’ll also find a preference for yoga performed in groups in a less formal manner. Think yoga party rather than yoga meditation. Should you do this? You can, especially if you are performing the postures properly and feeling the stretch and burn.


Tracking Everything – On Everything!

From mobile apps to the use of heart rate monitors on your wrist, there are more available gadgets now than ever for help you achieve your fitness goals this year. Smartwatches are one of the biggest trends, but wearable technology of all sorts is available. These products can track your heart rate, distances, map locations, aid with motivational music, and do much, much more. Should you invest in these? Start with a basic wearable band that tracks your workouts and fitness to see if you actually use the information. Some products will even link to a database of stored information about your fitness goals. Use this as motivation for each workout you complete.


Specialty Workouts and Classes

Another big trend is focused on specialty workouts and courses. These programs offer specific forms of yoga, cycling, cardio, or strength training. You’ll find that these studio classes are less expensive than working with a personal trainer, but they do require you knowing what is best for your body. Specialty fitness programs can help you to target specific fitness activities or routines, such as intensity training, cycling or specific forms of Pilates. Another version of this type of specialized exercise program is the group personal training session, wherein a small group of people come together with a trainer. It is less expensive, but you still reap the benefits of a one-on-one trainer.

Looking beyond 2015, expect more fitness trends focused on technology and wearable devices, as well as more intense workout options. You’ll see that the ability to achieve fitness goals can be much easier when you choose to implement new technology into your workout routines.