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10 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help Kick-Start Your Practice

Want to develop an attitude of gratitude? We are here for ya! Here are 10 gratitude journal prompts to help kick-start your practice

Published: 5/18/21

10 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help Kick-Start Your Practice

As we collectively look to build a kinder world, we know that the work must start from within. How do we fill our cups so that we can show our best selves to those around us? How do each of us show up with grateful hearts each day? 

One way to develop the practice of showing gratitude (and it does require practice) is through a gratitude journal. 

What Is A Gratitude Journal?

In happiness studies by those like the folks at The Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley,  researchers have found that keeping a journal of gratitude can help with sleep, staving off illness, and supporting a better mental disposition overall. 

It’s a relatively simple practice. A gratitude journal is a way to reflect on what you are grateful for. Consistency is key, and some published gratitude journals even offer prompts to get you started. 

While these are often used when someone wakes up and before going to bed, you can also use gratitude journals as part of your other routines, too—like when you get to work and before you leave, or when you drop your kids off at school and when you pick them up. The point is to help make time to routinely reflect on the good in your life.

So how can you start? 

Here Are 10 Gratitude Prompts With Examples

Below are some gratitude prompts (with examples) that we like to use. Your journal can be as quick or as in-depth as you like. The key is to do what feels good for you. There are no right or wrong answers with a gratitude journal. 

1 | Write about two things you’re looking forward to today.

“Today, I get to lead my first meeting at work and can’t wait to show my team what I can do! I am also awake a little early, so I have time to stop by my favorite coffee shop for a nice latte.”

2 | What is something that makes you happy when you think about it?

“I love that I can see my loved ones on Zoom as often as I want.”

3 | Who is someone that is always there for you?

“My best friend, Stacey, is there for me whenever I need someone to lift me up or give me advice.”

4 | How will you give yourself time for self-care today?

“Today, I am going to carve out time to watch my favorite TV series and do a quick workout at home.”

5 | Write down a happy memory. What happened? Why was it a beautiful moment?

“I remember the first time I saw my dog. His tail was wagging so furiously that he couldn’t control his body. I knew that he would be mine forever. That instant connection is something I will never forget.”

6 | What made you feel proud today?

“Today, my boss sent me a really nice email acknowledging how hard I worked on our latest project. It made me feel proud of myself for giving it my all and being an asset to my team.”

7 | What was the best moment of your day today?

“I spent 30 minutes at the gym today when I didn’t think I would have time. That 30 minutes was the perfect way to destress and feel healthy moving into the evening.”

8 | Name one positive way you impacted another person today.

“Today, I had the opportunity to pay for someone’s coffee who realized they forgot their card. It was a beautiful moment between two strangers, and I hope it made their day brighter.”

9 | Write down three positive affirmations.

“I am enough.

I have all of the strength within me.

I can do anything I set my mind to.”

10 | How can you make tomorrow even better than today?

“Tomorrow, I can take time to meditate and breathe before heading to work. When I give myself that time, I notice that I am in a better mood for the entire day.”

Adding It To Your Routine

As you make space for these practices in your life, it is important to give yourself some grace if you miss a journaling day or even forget. It is bound to happen for most of us. 

It takes 21 days to form a habit, so scheduling time to do your gratitude journal could help you stay on track as you begin this practice. One to three times a week works for some, while a twice-daily practice works for others. Whatever your style is, there is a journal out there that fits your needs. Some, designed for daily use, come with dated space for your entry. Others are more free-form and simply offer a new prompt on each page. You can also use a plain journal and build your own!

These prompts are here as starting points to help you begin. The main thing to remember is to focus on the positive things in your life. Yes, even hard days have silver linings.

Focusing on positivity might be easy one day and near impossible the next. That’s life. The strength in this practice is that it helps you see that while not every day is good, there is good in every day.

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