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Ditch The Dumbbells: Try This Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Our amazing coaches have done it again! We got a certified personal trainer to create a calorie-busting bodyweight circuit workout for you this week! The best thing about circuit workouts is that they are great for anyone. Push yourself to your limit and then move on to the next workout. Circuits get your heart rate pumping because there is no rest between workouts. So, in our circuit, you will move directly from pushups to mountain climbers, to alternate lunges and so on. You get a two minute rest in between circuits to let your heart rate come back down and get ready for another calorie blast!

Why Try A Circuit?

Circuit workouts are wonderful for those who are short on time. Whether you have 10 minutes before taking the kids to school or an hour after work, you can find a circuit workout to fit within your time constraints. Circuit workouts also challenge your entire body. You can choose to focus on just one area, like a leg or arm circuit, but they are also great for full-body blasts like the one below.

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Sharing is Caring

Just be sure to share the gym floor. If the circuit you are working on calls for the use of a ton of equipment, be respectful of others who are trying to get their workout in as well, or swap out an equipment-based move for a bodyweight movement. As are all of our workouts in this series, the workout below can be done without equipment. It is perfect to do at home or in the gym. Try it out and let us know what ya think.