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Best Workout Songs (So Far) of 2017

We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again! Check out the best workout songs (so far) of 2017. These tunes will make you get up and get moving!

Published: 4/24/17

We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again! Check out the best workout songs for 2017… thus far. (Yes, we know: it’s only April.)

You probably know by now that listening to high-tempo music while working out can actually make you want to move. It’s not rocket science! So, we have put together a great playlist (in our humble-yet-informed opinion) to keep your energy up throughout an entire one-hour workout.

Best of all, you can follow this playlist and take a listen by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. 🙂

Warm-Up Songs

Every workout should start with a warm up, so here are 10 minutes worth of songs to dynamically stretch it out to, so those muscles and fibers are limber and lubricated!

Strength Training Workout Songs

Now that the blood is pumping and your muscles are all loosened up, it’s time to jump right into strength training. Here are 24 minutes filled with energy-boosting, strength-training tunes!

Cardio Workout Songs

After you get your pump on, it’s time to head over to the cardio section to get in your daily cardio. Why strength training before cardio? Because cardio depletes more of your glycogen stores than weightlifting. This causes you to be weaker and unable to perform at your best during your run, elliptical, or other cardio workout. We have chosen songs at 150-205 bpm to help you maintain a steady pace throughout your cardio workout. So, turn up these tunes and get to moving!

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Cool Down Songs

Now that you have sweat it out, you can cool down with these even cooler tunes!

We realize that everyone has different opinions when it comes to the music pumping into our ears. So find a playlist on Spotify (or your favorite streaming platform) that suits your training tastes, listen to our 2017 favorites or simply build your own! One thing is for sure, listening to music can help you perform better at every stage of your workout!

Follow this playlist here!

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