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What is an EMOM Workout?

So, what is an EMOM workout exactly? Find out everything you need to know here in our latest blog post. Read now to learn more!

Published: 12/20/21

What is an EMOM Workout?

One of our favorite things about fitness is that there are so many different ways to work out; we get to tailor our fitness routines to suit us and our individual lifestyles. 

An incredible emerging style of working out is called EMOM. EMOM is a type of HIIT—High Intensity Interval Training—which is defined by short bursts of high-intensity exercise. EMOM, like any form of HIIT, is an efficient way to get your heart rate up and improve a whole range of abilities.

Read on to learn more about EMOM and its benefits. 

EMOM Workout Meaning

EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute.

EMOM workouts are based on reps and time. The idea is to choose an exercise and set an amount of reps you need to do in under a minute—let’s say it’s 10 burpees. Using a timer set to a minute, you’ll perform your 10 burpees and spend any remaining time resting. 

Then, at the end of your minute, you reset the timer and move on to your next set of either the same exercise or another one altogether. If you want to do a full EMOM workout, which only requires 10-45 minutes of exercise, you can do a set of different exercises to create a full circuit, or take the guesswork out with our Circuit Area

What are the Benefits of EMOM Workouts?

Because EMOM workouts are a form of HIIT, there’s a long list of benefits to working out this way. Here are just a few benefits of incorporating this type of workout into your routine:

They Increase Your Heart Rate

EMOM workouts are INTENSE. The harder you work to get your reps done, the more time you have to rest, so when we’re craving a little extra time to breathe (which is really the whole time we’re doing these workouts), we exert more energy.

They’re Dynamic

The beauty of EMOM workouts is that you can apply the structure to any movements that you enjoy. This is because EMOM is simply a framework for exercise, not an exercise in and of itself. 

For example, you can do an EMOM circuit of burpees, push-ups, lunges, squats, or even cartwheels. 

You Can Up the Ante Over Time

It’s important to be able to scale your workout—that is, to make it more and more challenging over time. 

With EMOM workouts, you can increase not only the amount of reps you’re doing, but also the amount of rounds and the challenge level of the movements over time. We have EMOM workouts for different levels of difficulty here; start with the beginner-level workouts for a few weeks, then move your way up until you’ve mastered HIIT. 

They’re Quick and Efficient

Putting hours of each day into the gym isn’t realistic for most people. 

Fortunately, according to the CDC, we only need to do 150 minutes of exercise every week—that’s just 30 minutes a day during weekdays. If you don’t have that much time to work out, but you do want to improve your strength and agility, EMOM is a fantastic option for you. You can do a workout in as little as 5 minutes and scale up as many times as you want (though we recommend no more than an hour because you don’t want to over-exert yourself). Any amount of time you spend doing an EMOM is going to get your heart rate up!

Low Or No Equipment 

Another thing we love about EMOM workouts is that you don’t need a whole lot of bells and whistles to do them. While it is helpful to have weights for strength training, there are plenty of body weight-based exercises that are accessory-free. 

In fact, a lot of movements utilized by EMOM workouts utilize body weight as resistance. This is fantastic for those who are new to fitness; entering a busy gym and trying something new can cause anxiety for some, so easing into fitness with at-home EMOM workouts might be a perfect place for you to start. 

A Disclaimer

There is one thing we have to note to ensure your health and safety as you approach EMOM workouts for the first time. This disclaimer is also the biggest (and arguably only) drawback to EMOM workouts: it’s easy to overdo it. 

For gym-going experts: you might underestimate EMOM if you’ve never done them before.  While 10 burpees in under a minute might sound easy for you, pushing too many EMOM rounds can cause injury on even the most basic-sounding tasks. 

HIIT-style workouts like EMOM demand a whole lot of energy and agility. Going through these movements very quickly increases the risk of injury, so it’s important to remain attentive and mindful through every rep.  Just make sure that, while we are working for reps and time, using correct form always comes first. 

Like any other form of exercise, make sure you consult your doctor to ensure that you are at the proper level of fitness to handle EMOM workouts. Once that’s covered, we have plenty of gym locations full of state-of-the-art equipment to support you on your journey.

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