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What Are the Benefits of Group Exercise Classes?

Published: 3/24/16

Group Exercise ClassesIt may seem simpler to exercise by yourself. After all, when you work out alone, you can do it whenever and wherever you want – meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s schedule. However, many individuals find working out in group exercise classes makes it even easier for them to reach their fitness goals. Let’s discover why this might be the case by examining some of the benefits of working out in a group setting.

Structure and Instruction

In a typical group exercise class, the structure of your workout has been planned out ahead of time by the instructor. The instructor will typically plan for a warmup and cool down period before and after the workout. Also the instructor can help ensure you are doing each exercise properly by pointing out any errors in your form or execution. Therefore, the structure and instruction of group exercise classes actually provide a safer workout environment.


When working out solo, you might find yourself slowing down or pausing for a break when you get tired. In a group class environment, the instructor will push you to keep going, challenging you to complete a more intense workout. Also, if you’re a regular class goer, your instructor and classmates may notice if you’re absent from the fitness class and wonder where you are – which might just be the motivational benefit you need to get back to class the next time! Additionally, you may make friends in the class who you will want to see and keep you coming back regularly to group exercise classes.


Making a fitness goal to exercise several times per week is one thing. Actually keeping that goal is something else entirely. However, when you sign up for group exercise classes that meet at a certain time each week, they become part of your expected schedule. You don’t have to think about when you are going to work out or how you are going to fit exercise into your daily activities – it’s already an integral part of your weekly plan. This is one of the most valued benefits of group exercise classes.


Another appealing aspect of group classes is the variety they offer to your workout routine. When exercising alone, it is easy to fall into a rut, doing the same workout week after week. This can eventually lead to a loss of motivation. Taking an exercise class in a group can present you with the perfect opportunity to try something new – both in your fitness routine and general life schedule! With a wide range of classes available, from kickboxing to indoor cycling and yoga to Zumba, everyone is sure to find a class perfectly suited to their interests and fitness level.


Of all the benefits and reasons to join a group fitness class, perhaps the most compelling is simply that they can be a lot of fun. In a class setting, you will meet new people and form new friendships. Since your new friends are also working toward their own fitness goals, you’ll naturally want to support and encourage each other, resulting in a fun and stimulating atmosphere.

If your solo-workout routine is lacking a bit these days, considering heading over to the gym and signing up for some group exercise classes. A change of pace, some new friends and a little extra structure might be exactly what you need to reach those fitness goals this year.

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