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The 411 on Gym Gear

Published: 3/3/15

So, you’re finally going to make it to the gym and get in shape. Good for you! Before you hit the door, though, check out our little overview of what gym gear you must have in your bag and what you can leave at home. You don’t need to lug a suitcase to the gym in order to have everything you need, but there are some essential items that will make your workout easier, more comfortable, and more productive. Our list will give you the 411 on gym gear you can actually use, as well as a few handy tips to make the most of your gym experience.


Second only to shoes, what you wear is the most important gym gear you have. The wrong clothing can inhibit your workout and can even be dangerous. Follow these guidelines for choosing your workout clothing.


Make sure that your clothes fit correctly. You don’t want your clothing to fit too tight or too loose. Clothing that is too tight will inhibit your range of motion, while too loose clothing can get in the way.

Appropriate Workout Gear

Wear clothing that is made for working out. Don’t wear swimsuits, jeans, or other non-workout clothing. They don’t provide adequate support and most don’t allow the freedom of movement that you need to exercise effectively.

Loose, Breathable Fabric

Wearing heavy, thick material while working out is not a good idea. In fact, it can even be dangerous. While it may make you sweat causing you to lose a little water weight, it can cause you to become dangerously overheated.

Athletic Socks

Work socks are for work, athletic socks are for exercise. Do not confuse the two. Aside from looking ridiculous and smelling like a gym locker all day, you are setting yourself up for a nasty fungal infection. Wear the right socks and change them after your workout.

The Right Undergarments

Make sure that you wear the right undergarments while working out. There are special boxers for guys that are meant for wearing under exercise clothing because it provides support and doesn’t bunch up with movement. Ladies, wear a sports bra that fits you well and gives you the support you need.

Sports Band

Wearing your jewelry or watch while working out is a bad idea. It can get caught on the equipment and hurt you or sharp edges can scratch you. Also, the moisture and salt of your sweat can tarnish or damage your jewelry.


Street sneakers are not made for working out. They are intended for everyday wear. You need the support that an athletic shoe will give you. Choosing the right shoe for your workout can make all the difference in your results. You want your feet to be well cushioned and your ankles supported. The wrong shoes can lead to injury. It just isn’t worth it.

Gym Bag

Your gym bag does not have to be a suitcase, but there are a few things that you can carry. These are some must haves. You may have other things you like to include, but you really don’t want to hit the gym without some of these essentials. Also, keep your gym bag and work bag separate.


Water Bottle


Workout Log


Travel Size Toiletries


Your gym gear can mean the difference between an awesome, productive workout and an uncomfortable, abbreviated one. If you are going to spend the money to join the gym and take the time to go, then make the most of it and do it right. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but in the long run it is well worth the money spent because you avoid injury and discomfort. Plus, you get a positive gym experience and a workout that works for you.

What are your gym must haves? What tips do you have for gym gear? Tell us about it in the comments below!