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Self-Care Looks Different For Us All

We all have different ways of treating ourselves. Join us in celebrating self-care in all of its unique ways.

Published: 9/14/20

Self-Care Looks Different For Us All: And Variety Is The Spice Of Life

For each of us, our self-care looks a little different. Maybe, for you, self-care is being around your family and soaking up people-time as much as you can, and for another person, they would rather be alone with a book. Whatever gives you positive energy, and induces the feeling of peace and relaxation, is a great activity to add to your routine as often as possible. 


Self-Care Covers A Multitude Of Things


It can be stressful to see people touting meditation, yoga, massages, etc. as self-care when you don’t have any desire to attempt them. The beautiful thing is, self-care is broad. It encompasses anything we, as individuals, do to relax and unwind—to reduce our tension, anxieties, and give back to ourselves. Giving back to yourself doesn’t have to be overly complicated or break the bank either. Though we have our favorite self-care routines, your routine could also be as simple as taking an extra minute to moisturize your face after a shower. The simple act of giving back to your skin while your pores are open and aching for moisture might just be the best moment of your day. 


How To Practice Self-Care

When we give advice for ‘how to’ practice self-care, we say it loosely. There is no rulebook for this practice, but there are ways to figure out what helps you. Here are a few questions to help you get on the right track. 

What moment in your day makes you feel at peace?

Think of a scene in your day where you are completely ‘in-the-moment’. This moment could be your morning shower, brushing your teeth for the full two-minute timer on your toothbrush, listening to your favorite podcast on your way to work, driving, throwing the ball to your pup, writing a letter to your best friend, or any other blissful point in your day. Identify that moment, and take note of how it makes you feel.

Can you replicate that moment every day in some way?

If your happy moment could become routine, how can you make that happen? Maybe you decide that after work, every day, you will take the long way home so that you can have a little more time in your car. Or, you will take an extra few minutes to floss while your favorite song plays on your phone before bedtime. However you can make your ‘happy moment’ into a routine that can be replicated every day (or as often as possible) is fantastic.

Is there any other wellness routine that interests you?

If you like this extra ‘me time’, maybe you would like to try out another wellness practice. We have laid out tips from our research, and from our members for you to try! But, don’t let our lists be the end-all-be-all. Your interests could include painting, figuring out puzzles, doing sudoku, or something different—whatever that interest is that is positive for your heart, mind, and the world, you should try and make time for it!

How Chuze Fitness Celebrates Self-Care

This Self-Care September we are celebrating you and your unique way of practicing self-care. Follow us on Instagram, where we will be giving away prizes each week when you show us your favorite way to practice self-care. The important thing is that you give back to yourself in some way on a daily basis or as often as you can. It might be hard at first, but soon it will become routine that easily fits into your day. And when you give more to you, you will have more to give to those that you love as well.

We operate under the notion that kindness spreads. If we can be kind to ourselves, our kindness to others will shine brighter as well. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kindness.org for one of our favorite self-care strategies—giving back. You can get involved in giving back to the community on our Heart section of our virtual wellness platform, iChuze Fitness. You can also use this platform to practice self-care with self-care sessions, meditation, yoga, and incredible workouts from our wonderful instructors. Find out how we are celebrating Self-Care September here.

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