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Muscle Group Workout Plan

Published: 9/22/16

Muscle Group Workout PlanFor anyone to be truly successful at getting fit, building lean muscle, and improving cardiovascular endurance, it’s usually optimal to follow a muscle group workout plan. If you simply show up at the gym, lace up your shoes, and hop on the first machine that isn’t being used, you’ll never realize the full potential of your workout.

Take some time to create a schedule that focuses on various exercises by muscle group to train those areas. Do this and you can see a difference in your physique much quicker than if you employ a scattershot approach.

To create a muscle group workout plan, first decide on how often you’ll visit the gym. If you’re committed to four days a week, then break out your muscle training plan into four sections. You can do chest and back on one day, arms and abs on another, core and glutes on the third day, and then finish off with shoulders and legs.

Muscle Group Workout Day 1: Chest and Back

The chest is an incredibly important area to train, so start the week off right with a variety of chest exercises. See our recommended chest workouts to define and sculpt your chest.

Equally important is your back, as it supports your entire body. The back is a critical area to train as well. For exercises like hyperextensions, Supermans, and more, see our recommended back workouts. You’ll feel incredible when you leave the gym after a full round of chest and back exercises.

Muscle Group Workout Day 2: Arms and Abs

Sure, the arms contain many of the vanity muscles in the body – and we all tend to get pretty pumped about our biceps from time to time – but the arms must be worked out to support virtually every other exercise we perform. View our favorite muscle group workouts for arms.

The abs are another area where a focused training approach can accomplish two things. First, your ab muscles will look great and your stomach will be rock hard. Second, your abdominals will be better able to support your upper body and promote safe and healthy exercises. Read more information about various ab exercises.

Muscle Group Workout Day 3: Core and Glutes

You know all about the importance of a strong and stable core. But are you aware of some of the best exercises for creating a potent and resilient core? If not, discover muscle group workouts for the core.

And who can forget the benefits of a powerful and well-sculpted set of glutes, right? Uncover some of our favorite glutes training tips for firming up your backside.

Muscle Group Workout Day 4: Shoulders and Legs

Some of the most powerful and important muscles in the body are housed in the shoulders and legs. A full body workout that incorporates both upper and lower body exercises will help make the most of your workout. Strong and lean shoulder muscles help to support proper posture, upper body muscular development, and they look great! Find more information about our favorite shoulder workouts.

The legs – not only are they designed to move us from one exercise station to the next, but they’re also the foundation upon which our entire physiques are built! Ensure that you spend as much time training your legs as you do your arms, and you’ll create a beautiful and balanced body. Here are some of our favorite leg routines.

Now that you have ideas for creating your muscle group workout plan, come visit us at Chuze Fitness and see just how easy and affordable it is to get healthy and feel great!