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Mountain Climbers… With Both Feet On The Ground

Mountain climbers are a great total body exercise that require nothing but your body and the floor. Best of all, you can do them (almost) anywhere!

Published: 7/24/17

We’re not talking about suiting up in a harness and helmet and hitching a rope and an ice axe to the side of a literal mountain here. While we’re sure that’s superb exercise, we just want you to get on the floor and try out one of the latest trends in keeping fit—on ground level.

Getting Started With Mountain Climbers

While there might be nothing like hanging off the edge of an actual mountain to get your heart rate racing, these mountain climber exercises will rev up your heart rate, too. Sure, you may look a bit silly sprawled out on the ground in the plank position, and kicking up your feet to go nowhere, but the fitness payoff will be huge!

If you hate planks, a mountain climber is only slightly more intimidating. It’s basically a plank where you run in place. First, get into plank position and draw your first knee up to your chest, crunching your abdominals as you do. Return your knee to straight plank position and repeat with the other knee. Continue interchanging your knees as you “run,” minimizing the urge to bounce back and forth so your abs stay tight. You’ll do this on repeat as fast as you can in bursts of 30 seconds or so.

Mountain climbers are a great total body exercise that require nothing but your body and the floor! You can do them anywhere so there’s no excuse if you miss the gym. You could probably climb a mountain right now!


Staying Fired Up

Mountain climbers strengthen your abs, biceps, triceps, chest, deltoids, obliques, and the entirety of your lower body—all while giving you a kick-ass cardio workout. It’s like a whole-body workout where the only equipment you need is your own body!

Since there is so much to gain from mountain climbers, they are the perfect exercise to add into almost any workout routine no matter your fitness level. If you’re a runner, you can drop to the track and crank out 30 seconds of mountain climbers between miles. If you’re building mass, do two sets of 20-second mountain climbers in between sets to keep your heart rate elevated before you hit the weights again.

Reaping the Rewards

The bottom line is your metabolism will thank you for doing mountain climbers. But when you’ve kicked butt at the gym you deserve more than just a pat on the back for a job well done. You deserve abs of steel and a solid core. With mountain climbers, you’ll be well on your way!

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