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Kick Into Shape With Energetic Kickboxing Classes

Published: 6/2/14

Tired of a boring workout? Unfortunately, running on the treadmill or using the elliptical can sometimes get dull. This can result in more than a few dreaded hours per week. When you’re not motivated about your workout, think it’s boring, and don’t see a benefit, you’re more likely to give up going to the gym altogether. Instead of dreading the hours you’ll spend at the gym this week, motivate yourself to get into shape with energetic kickboxing classes.

An offshoot of karate, kickboxing originated in Japan in the 1960s but has been a popular component of American fitness since the 1990s. By incorporating kicks, punches, jabs, and other martial arts techniques, this fun and energizing sport teaches coordination and self-defense while getting your heart pumping to help you stay fit and burn calories.

Whole-Body Wellness

Due to the fact that kickboxing combines cardio exercise with strength training, it provides fitness benefits for the whole body. In fact, the American Council on Education identifies kickboxing with cardio as a total-body workout. Because it includes cardio to get you moving, kickboxing is an aerobic workout, and if you do it for an hour, you could burn over 400 calories, depending on your intensity level. On the other hand, precise kicks, powerful punches, and carefully planned routines help you build core, arm, and leg strength. You’ll also improve your coordination and balance through kickboxing, which incorporates reflex training routines.

Energizing Exercise

In most classes, you’ll spend a large portion of instructional time learning and performing new routines set to the beat of rousing music. You’ll perfect your kicks, punches, jabs, and turns as your instructor coaches you to move faster and keep your muscles tight. While much of the class will be spent performing routines, your instructor will still take the time to evaluate each of your positions and ensure that it is both safe and beneficial to your workout.

At the end of the session, the movements and upbeat music will leave you feeling energized before you leave the fitness room – a feeling that can last all day. In fact, kickboxing is a proven stress reliever. Not only do you get the opportunity to throw a punch or swift kick, but cardio workouts like kickboxing replace the endorphins that you sacrifice when you suffer from stress. This means that kickboxing can help you improve both your mental and physical health.

Slimming Safety Training

When you increase your heart rate by moving multiple parts of your body continuously you’ll certainly slim down, but kickboxing provides another benefit – self-defense. As a form of mixed martial arts, kickboxing teaches many self-defense basics, such as how to throw a powerful punch or a debilitating kick. When you routinely practice these punches, kicks, and jabs, you’ll become more comfortable with them.

Kicking Off

The best way to get involved in kickboxing is to join a class at your gym. Other gym members can give you moral support and an instructor will ensure you’re using the proper techniques. You’ll often get the most out of your workout when you employ the experts at a gym. Kickboxing isn’t overly challenging for the fitness beginner, but it can still be a great workout for the dedicated fitness enthusiast. You can choose your level of intensity, so if you’re a newcomer you can learn as you perform. A trained kickboxing instructor can help you get to know your body and your limits so that you can set fitness goals and choose the right level of intensity for you and your individual situation. When you choose to start kickboxing at your local gym you’ll enjoy another advantage – it’s close by, so you won’t have an excuse not to exercise.

Kickboxing is a great way to watch the fat melt away as your body gets stronger. With its numerous moves, interesting routines, and combination of martial arts tactics, the sport is certainly more interesting than a long jog on the treadmill. If you’re hoping to lose weight while you gain strength, confidence, and coordination, kickboxing is the right fitness class for you.