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Keep Your Diet on Track with These 6 Thanksgiving Day Tips

Moderation is key on Thanksgiving day. A simple tip is to eat smaller portions. But, if you are looking for more, here are a few of our humble suggestions.

Published: 11/20/17

While we all know that gravy goes with just about everything, it’s probably best not to make a soup of your Thanksgiving day dinner plate…for all kinds of reasons. And, maybe—just maybe—you don’t need gravy on Grandma’s famous gooseberry pie. Salt is one thing, calories another, and the inevitable spillage, of course.

Moderation is key. A simple tip is to eat smaller portions. For example, try to eat just a spoonful of stuffing—we know, we know, stuffing is everything, too—but just try. You could attempt another impossible feat like resisting home baked desserts altogether. Maybe you don’t need that pie at all. OK, we know you want it, so we’ve got a tip for you: Cut it into a smaller sliver and not a slab that could double as a dumbbell.

Here are a few more of our humble suggestions:

Explore All Your Options First

Before piling your plate with the “good stuff” (which, let’s face it, is more than likely the “bad-for-you” stuff), look at the spread of food and fixings in front of you that extends beyond your cousin’s famous, calorie-laden candied yams and Aunt Bev’s extra-buttery mashed potatoes. Take stock of healthier options, and start there. You’ll be less apt to stuff your face with fattier foods if you’re already a bit satisfied from healthier choices.

Reach for the Veggies

This relates directly to the suggestion above: Pile your plate full of leafy greens or fresh, starch-free vegetables (not potatoes). Note: Stuffing in not a vegetable!

Keep Adult Beverages to a Minimum

Sure, we all might need a beverage or 10 to put up with racist Uncle Roger, but those alcoholic beverages will add on calories and you’re more likely to binge on seconds and thirds when your inhibitions fade. Plus, who needs a hangover?

H2O is Your Friend

Replenish your body with plenty of water. Staying hydrated will benefit you in many ways, including making you feel fuller. Yes, we know: Water is not turkey smothered in gravy, but it’s a good place to start to keep your appetite in check.

Get Outdoors

Move the conversation from the dinner table and get active! You see it in all those commercials: Families run through the perfect amount of autumn leaves passing the pigskin during a friendly game of football. You may not be creating a commercial, but why not add some activity to the day? (No, napping does not count as an activity.)

Let Yourself Indulge

This goes back to sliver of pie we first mentioned in the intro. Let yourself have it. If you deprive yourself, you’ll be thinking about it all day, and will likely cave as the day wears on anyway—and by then you may be more inclined to have a hunk o’ pie rather than that sliver.

Have fun, indulge a little, hug your family a lot, and we will see you at the gym soon!

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