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How To Use Your Virtual Workout In The Gym

Yep. You can use your virtual workout in the gym. Here are our tips on how to incorporate them into your routine with some of our favorite iChuze Fitness workouts.

Published: 12/13/21

How To Use Your Virtual Workout In The Gym: With Some Of Our Favorite iChuze Fitness Workouts

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has completely changed the fitness industry. When gyms were closed, we were all forced to approach health and physical fitness in an entirely new, completely independent way. Home equipment sales boomed, and so did the rise of the virtual workout. 

We are so grateful for our trainers who took the time to help create our online platform, iChuze Fitness. Designed for people wanting to maintain their fitness from anywhere (but mostly from home during lockdown), mapping out how to make this happen was a beautiful journey that now makes us so proud during such unprecedented times. Maintaining health—both physical and mental—has been difficult for us all, and we applaud everyone reading this for getting through it and seeking to improve their fitness. 

iChuze Fitness is still a fantastic tool for an at-home workout, but many of us prefer physically going to the gym now that they’re open again. If you can relate, but are still wanting the guidance that our virtual workout classes provide, we’ve figured out a way to use virtual workout classes to map out what to do at the gym.

How Can I Use a Virtual Workout in Real Life? 

If you’re tired of your current workout routine or are unsure about how to begin a new one, this article is for you. 

iChuze Fitness is a catalog of guided workout videos featuring our trusted trainers and class instructors. From dancing to running to pilates to strength training to HIIT, iChuze Fitness provides a world of workouts to choose from. 

So if you happen to be someone who prefers working out in a gym, we recommend using these videos as workout guides and combining the videos to make the perfect workout. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

Cycle + Strength

Coach Trevor teaching a 20-min cycle class on iChuze Fitness

It’s important to incorporate both cardio and strength training to any fitness routine. You can watch this cycling class from your bike at the gym and follow it up with a strength training workout.

Treadmill + Total Body Conditioning

Coach Antonio R standing by a treadmill getting ready to teach a 20-min treadmill class on iChuze Fitness

This combo is sure to get your blood pumping. A treadmill workout into a full-body conditioning workout is an all-in-one combo to improve your health from head to toe. 

HIIT + Reset and Recover

Coach Garret teaching a 15-min HIIT workout on the turf area for iChuze Fitness. He is in a lunge.

Not every workout has to leave you gasping for air. And while our awesome HIIT workout will get that heart rate thumping, the reset and recover class is just what you’ll crave for a cool down. 

Upper Body and Abs + TRX Lower Body 

Coach Garret doing a pushup on the turf area in his Upper Body & Abs class on iChuze Fitness

We love combining muscle groups and equipment to make our workouts as dynamic as possible. Start your workout with upper body and abs using free weights and move on to the lower body with TRX

Yoga + Dance 

Jerome teaching a 30-min Cardio Yoga Flow class on iChuze Fitness

Sometimes, lifting weights and doing repetitive motions (whether running or cycling) can feel amazing, even meditative—other days, it can feel boring. We believe that it’s important to find joy in the movements you do to stay healthy, so this combo is all about getting into your body and having a good time. Start with some yoga that will get your body warmed up and stretched out before moving into a dance session. 

Looking at these combinations might be a little overwhelming, and that’s okay. We don’t have to do an hour-long double-combo workout every day in order to get the benefits of physical activity. 

Taking one of these workouts into the gym (or continuing at home) is more than enough. The whole point here is to start with getting your body moving and then moving on to focus on strength, agility, balance, endurance, you name it, as you move through your fitness journey.

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