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Here’s A List Of Our Favorite Activity Trackers

With so many activity trackers on the market, it can be hard to tell which is right for you. So, we’ve put together a list the best affordable trackers in 2017!

Published: 2/1/17

At first glance, choosing the best fitness tracker might only seem necessary for competitive athletes. But, rest assured, this is no longer the case. An activity tracker is now a common aid for any exercise program and an easy way to monitor your performance as you train for a mini marathon, get in shape for your upcoming vacation or seek to lose some weight.

Of course, it takes time to achieve these results, but keeping track of progress is crucial to success. Depending on your own personal situation, this is where a fitness tracker can really help you excel. Activity trackers offer an easy way to monitor your health and set fitness goals. Whether you take it with you to your exercise class or on your daily commute to work, the tracker will help you record your progress and establish habits that benefit your exercise program.


Each tracker serves a different purpose. Whether you are a distance runner, golfer, attend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes or simply want to track your steps, you will want to find the tracker that suits your unique needs. Below are some of the trackers that we love!

Accuro HRM 304 – $59.99

This heart rate monitor packs a ton of bang for your buck. With this chest strap, you can track your heart rate zones and even gain some extra motivation by competing with your friends in their Accuro Health App. This strap connects via bluetooth to your smartphone not only with their app, but many other popular fitness apps as well. With 12 hours of memory built into the tracker, you can leave your phone at home while you workout, and as long as the device reaches bluetooth range, the information will sync up with and be stored in your smartphone.

We love this device in particular for tracking team training workouts. However, you can also use this for at-home workouts, runs, cycling and any other workout that gets your heart rate pumping. With a price of just $59.99, this belt stands out as our favorite. Check out your nearest Chuze Fitness to get a branded Accuro belt for 50% off straight from us!

Chuze Fitness Accuro Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex 2 Wristband – $129.95

Lightweight and comfortable, the Fitbit Flex 2 wristband is certainly an upgrade on its predecessor and is suited to any activity that requires a step count. We love the simple design and usability.

The Fitbit is also water resistant and highly affordable in comparison with other contenders in the market for the prestigious title of the best fitness tracker. Arguably, the best thing about Fitbit is the small and slim nature of the wristband. That being said, the attractive LED screen and removable tracker feature also make it stand out from many of the other wristbands on the market.

MyZone MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt – $149.99

The MyZone fitness tracker is a heart rate monitoring chest strap with the exceptional ability to measure your performance during any given activity. This tracker is the jack-of-all-trades. It is suitable for running, rowing, cycling and high intensity training. The elastic strap comes in different sizes and also has an adjustable clip which makes it fit seamlessly onto any body type.

One great perk of the MyZone is that it is compatible with the latest fitness apps such as Strava and mapmyrun. MyZone can also handle up to 16 hours of data so you won’t even need a phone nearby while you are training.

Garmin Forerunner 35 – $199.99

Garmin is known for it’s top-of-the-line activity trackers. With a built in GPS and heart rate monitor, you really can’t go wrong with any choice from their line. However, we found a love for the Forerunner 35. While it may not be as sleek and beautiful as the other Garmin devices, it sure does pack a lot of punch!

This watch is ideal for beginners and aims its device at novice runners. Not only does it act as a smartwatch, sending phone notifications to your wrist, but, it also gives you the ability to skip through music from your watch, tracks your average resting heart rate, steps, calories burned when you are resting vs active, minutes of exercise, run stats, and much more. If you are thinking about getting a watch that does it all, but don’t want to pay $500.00, this might just be the watch for you.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Activity Tracker

Microsoft Band 2 – $209.99

In their quest to create the absolute best fitness tracker, the latest offering from Microsoft is packed full of features including no less than 11 sensors to track steps, hill climbs, GPS, light sensor, skin temperature and more. In fact, this dainty band from Microsoft is not only a perfect companion for the gym but it is also suitable for cycling, golfing, hiking and just about any other activity or sport. So, if you enjoy a more leisurely activity, consider this band as your best bet for tracking!

The process of tracking your daily activity level has many benefits and will ensure you are on the right path to crushing your goals. There is an activity tracker suitable for every type of exercise program. Considering how user friendly and affordable they can be, there really isn’t a good reason not to have one at your disposal. Now, which one sounds like the best fitness tracker for you?

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