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Gyms with WiFi – Boost Your Workout with These WiFi Tips

Published: 1/20/16

Man using WiFi on smartphone in gymSome of the best fitness innovations of the past few years have involved mobile devices. Whether it is a phone, a tablet, or a smart watch, most gym-goers now have something that helps them stay connected with while working out. Because we know how important that connectivity can be, many Chuze Fitness locations offer WiFi for members and their guests. Check with your local Chuze Fitness to find out if WiFi is available for your next workout. If you are wondering what you can do with that awesome connection at our gyms with WiFi, check out some of these suggestions:

1. Streaming Music

Music is a great motivator. It can help you feel energized and in the mood to move your body. Keep yourself pumped up throughout your workout by plugging a pair of earphones into your mobile device and streaming your favorite music station or workout playlist.
(For additional reading, see our blog post on The Science Behind Music and Exercise.)

2. Fitness Apps

Whatever mobile device you are using, there are plenty of fitness apps out there that can help you keep track of those fitness goals you made to kick off the New Year. From video tutorials and virtual trainers to social platforms that allow you to share goals and progress with friends, fitness apps can help you to get fit. When you do not have to worry about data overages, you can relax and start exploring how your digital companion can enhance your workout at the gym.

3. Nextflix/Streaming Video

If lagging motivation is ever a problem for you during a cardio workout, such as on a treadmill or stationary bike, WiFi can be your best friend. Pull out your phone or tablet to stream a movie and your workout will be over before you know it. If you are frequently too busy to enjoy your favorite TV show, this can even become a great motivation for making it out to the gym. You are simultaneously doing something that is good for you and enjoying an indulgence at the same time.

4. Stay Connected to Work/Life

Do you ever worry about being out of touch with the office or friends and family while you work out? If so, it can make it harder to get to the gym. With WiFi availability, you can relax, knowing that you are as connected as you need to be with what is happening in your life outside the gym. Read an email, respond to a friend on social media, or even check your bank account. You can do whatever you need to do without feeling pressured to cut your workout short so that you can leave the gym sooner than you had expected.

More and more we are accustomed to being connected almost constantly to the people and responsibilities in our lives. That connectivity can work for us, providing us with great motivations and tools to stay focused and make progress toward our personal fitness goals. That is why it is great to find gyms with WiFi – like many Chuze Fitness locations – that let you stay connected while you work out.