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Working out means pushing all of your other to-dos aside and finally making time for yourself. Spending some alone time on the treadmill or at the squat rack can be restorative—just what you need to reset and refocus. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to feel like you’re part of a team.  If you want to feel […]

Published: 4/28/22

Working out means pushing all of your other to-dos aside and finally making time for yourself. Spending some alone time on the treadmill or at the squat rack can be restorative—just what you need to reset and refocus. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to feel like you’re part of a team. 

If you want to feel the burn without feeling alone, it might be the perfect time to try out a group workout class. Whether you’re looking for group workout classes for beginners or small group training, there’s a class for everyone. In this guide, we’ll help you channel your motivation into five different styles of workout classes to freshen up your go-to fitness routine.

5 Group Workout Classes You Should Try

There’s no shortage of group workout classes that you can benefit from. In fact, with such a range of activities, it can be tough to know where to start. 

Don’t fret, fitness guru. We’ve put together a list of the top five group workout classes you should explore no matter your fitness goals. 

#1 Circuit Training

Mixing things up is exactly what circuit training brings to the gym floor. It’s usually fast-paced, consists of a series of varied exercises, and focuses on intervals instead of overall duration. 

Circuit training will often involve:

  • Multiple different stations or exercises 
  • A set time at each, such as 30 seconds or 1 minute
  • Repetitions of the circuit, usually including a small break after a set is complete

They’re an exhilarating way to shred some of those calories and put a new spin on strength training. 

#2 Yoga

If you’re not into too much physical activity, try a yoga class.Usually led by a professional yogi, yoga classes help improve flexibility, tone and strengthen muscles, and reinforce breathing. There are also several yoga styles that offer different variations of the practice.1

Some styles tend to be more physically demanding while others are more relaxing and meditative. 

A few popular practices include:

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Prenatal yoga 
  • Anusara yoga 

Plus, a well-designed yoga class will include variations of poses to match different ability levels. So, grab a few friends who have been itching to try out their skills on the mat and get your flow on as a group. 


HIIT workouts can be fun on their own and even more fun in a group exercise class. If you’re looking for a new workout regimen—and a way to burn fat quickly—high intensity interval training could be the fix. It typically consists of alternating between intense movements for short periods of time, followed by less vigorous periods designed for recovery. 

The best part? Most HIIT workouts are brief, totaling between 30 and 60 minutes from start to finish. So, if you still want to work up a sweat but are pressed for time, HIIT workouts are easy enough to sneak in on a lunch break or before a night out with friends. 

#4 Bootcamps

If you’re on the hunt for a challenge, a boot camp class is sure to push you to your limits. It’s a balance of strength training, cardio and high-intensity movements. 

What might you expect in a boot camp class? Here’s a look at some common exercises:

  • Push-ups 
  • Sit-ups 
  • Sprints 
  • Weight lifting 
  • Burpees 
  • Squats 

The variety of exercises lends itself to a whole-body workout—and keeps your mind and body engaged from the moment you lace up. 

#5 Cycling 

You don’t have to own a bicycle to get all the cardio benefits that come from the two-wheeled express—just sign up for a cycling class at your local studio. Cycling group classes are fast-paced and usually alternate between standing and seated pedaling, and modified resistance and intensity.

Gyms and fitness clubs will often have dedicated spaces for cycling classes and they’re led by a group instructor. It’s an exciting way to get your blood pumping and raise your heart rate. Plus, unlike traditional cycling, you’re free to hop on the bike rain or shine.

What Are the Benefits of Group Workout Classes? 

Juggling day-to-day responsibilities and everything else that life brings can sometimes lead you to push a work out to the bottom of your to-do list. 

Group workout classes are an incredible way to refill your enthusiasm and light a little motivational fire. Not only do they offer a range of health benefits, from losing weight to reducing the risk of disease, but they also take it up a notch from a traditional, solo workout.2

Among their many benefits, group workout classes allow you to:

  • Be accountable – Instead of simply winging it, group fitness classes usually have set schedules to help you stay on track and motivated. 
  • Challenge yourself – It can be tempting to cut corners when working out alone. However, with a group fitness class, your classmates help you stay motivated—or crank up the competition. 
  • Benefit from an instructor – Group fitness classes are typically run by a professional instructor to help guide you along the way. They can teach proper form and help you vary workouts to meet your skill level. 

Explore the Best Group Workout Classes with Chuze Fitness

Whether you’re new to group workouts or you’re just looking to switch things up a bit, Chuze Fitness has exactly what you’re looking for. We’re a welcoming community of motivated athletes who are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. Find the best workout classes for weight loss, strength training, cardio, and more no matter your fitness level.

We’re thrilled to offer an affordable, friendly atmosphere in which gym-goers feel supported and encouraged to do their best. When you’re ready to tackle that next group workout class, count on Chuze Fitness to be right there with you. 

Chuze Fitness is available in various locations, from our gyms in Jacksonville, FL, alongside Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and more. Enjoy our diverse range of fitness equipment, group classes, and fantastic amenities suitable for everyone. Take a look today!


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